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i have had a lot to think about lately…specifically the last 3 days. you know, sometimes you have to ask yourself some hard questions!! i have seen this little video a few times, and i LOVE it… i have the book and i highly recommend it. it's called 5.   so many of US are REGROUPING… we are REINVENTING and we are setting out to CHANGE…

change is GOOD!! there is opportunity. GROWTH. h o p e. 

this is such a great book for RIGHT NOW!! it's hard to see major changes for 'next week' or even 'next month'… change usually doesn't happen that fast! it's got to be planned. thought out. visualized and then that plan has to be carried out!  that is what this book is all about!!

do you know anyone that needs it?? (in addition to yourself! LOL)…

anyway.. this was just a friendly reminder! a reminder that i needed myself. 

we are going to a party tonight. FUN! what should i wear??? hmmm.


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