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thurs. and i can't believe it

thurs. and i can't believe it

It’s Thursday, and I have been back in Beijing since Monday afternoon. I am not really sure what I have been up to since then, although I have been busy, and trying to recover. Sleeping was a very low priority while I was in AZ, and it has switched to become a very high one.  I am working very hard to get my body, brain and stomach back on Beijing time. the one thing that I love about jet-lag coming back this way is that you automatically wake up early. Like really early (4am, 5am, 6am). This means that you can get up and get some work done before the kids wake up. Now, why this can’t become a regular occurrence for me, I do not know. I am just not wired to be a morning person, as much as I wish I was. The weather has been really dreary since I have been back, but not too hot, so I’ll take it. it is however, making me miss sunny az, as if having dinner with friends, teaching scrapbook classes, letting cory play with his friends, getting my hair cut, visiting my house, hanging with family, going to the temple, shopping at Costco and target aren’t enough!  I am feeling a little homesick…but SO happy to be sleeping in my bed, and waking up to my sweet kids! and…despite the fact that my life is in no way close to ‘normal’ (or what I see in my head as ‘normal’) this feels more ‘normal’ than anything. (that probably makes NO sense). It was a great trip. it was a delight to travel with Cory. He is a great kid- totally easy going, fun-loving, sleep anywhere, eat anything type of guy. He can come with me anywhere, anytime!

We did wrap up our CE preview day last Saturday and can I just say… fabulous! It all made me happy! I am so excited for the event.. It’s going to rock. Totally has a great mix of projects and teachers… as far as preview day goes, the coolest thing is to watch other teachers teach- I feel totally inspired. So much so, that I have even been scrapbooking! I have a few pages that I can show, and others that I can’t… just yet.
So satuday we heard first from jenni bowlin. I really admire her, and from her project you really get a glimpse inside this creative, clever girl. I was really impressed with how she shared pieces of herself, and in such a down-to-earth relaxed way.  I have to say, that I really love her products..! and the colors she used are totally happy and fun! (and not pink! And I still liked it wink!) Jessica Guthrie was up next- now she is the one that won our ‘talent search’ contest… I really love her project…she taught using 2 things that I had never used before, and I was so totally inspired and excited when I was done! between now and CE, the girl has to pack up and move across the country (ugh)… I so appreciated all her being there, amid it all! Last was Tim Holtz… and he is awesome. Everytime I watch or listen to him…I learn so much! just the simplest things that he demonstrates are so enlightening to me. yep. You will LOVE his project too! He took off straight to Ranger U… I HAVE to figure out how to get to ranger U. someday. I just can’t afford to NOT go!?  anyway,  It was indeed sad to pack all my creations into that big box, knowing it won’t be retrieved for 2 months. 

When I got back to Beijing, all kinds of deadlines were upon me. catalog, website, samples for the show… plus working on more CE stuff and my little trip to Australia!
i did take some time just to make some fun, quick and easy scrapbook pages. – it’s something that I think I just need to do regularly. I let myself get so bogged down with stuff that seems really serious, and important compared to just ‘scrapbooking’. but when I was home, in AZ, I had to try to find some stuff at my house that I needed. We have everything boxed up, and so it meant going through lots of boxes. As I was there for about 45 minutes maybe, I was so overwhelmed with memories… and feelings. Mostly the feeling of ‘comfort’. Just how HOME is supposed to feel. Even when we weren’t there. my memories weren’t of big events, or even special occasions… it was more like how it felt to bound down the stairs when the doorbell rings… or just lay in my bed, or stare out at the desert while I do dishes. My memories were being in my pajamas and hanging out… I realized that those are the memoires… and more specifically FEELINGS that I wanted to hold onto. How it FELT there. how it FEELS here. And feelings are all kinds of memories rolled together. I don’t want this time, this unique time in my life to be lost. So I want to do a better job of that.  anyway.. here are a few pages that I did…quick ones. I have vowed to myself to do that more. Chuckle, we’ll see how that works out.




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