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thursday night

thursday night

Thursday night means RUGBY for my boys (mostly E, but Colton and Cory have been tagging along.  Practice is 2 days a week, and games on Saturday. Eric has had a fascination with the sport since BYU days, and seriously just loves it. it gives me stress, cause it always seems like he (and everyone) gets hurt. It’s a wild game. He knows a couple of the guys who play on the club team here, and would run with them when he would come over on business… and could hardly wait to get back here for reals, to actually play. They must have let the little boys out there too, cause when they came home from Tuesday night’s practice, they had serious grass stains. Fun. So, it’s just the girls home tonight, watching ‘bewitched’.
I took more photos of the skate park, because the kids are just getting more and more brave, and I had to try to convey the hugeness of this ramp. I am not really sure how big it is, maybe like 8-9ft. high, with some serious vert. well, while we were there on Tuesday, the kids started thinking they wanted to get up on top of the ramp and think about dropping in. There is not ladder, or anyway to climb to the top…so I hoisted Colton up, and he stood up there kind of overwhelmed by the view.  All the sudden 2 kids from Germany showed up barefooted and could climb right up the face of the ramp. It’s funny (the ramp is metal), my kids hadn’t even thought of taking off their shoes and running up the face of the thing. They became very enthusiastic about running up to try to get high enough to grab on the edge, and pull themselves up. Well, it took a few tries, but pretty soon they were all up on top, and TOO SCARED to come down…finally, they would scooch to the edge and slide right down the face…with just a split second of free fall cause of the vert. LOL! So awesome. They were loving it. So crazy. Anyway- I love the skate park as much as they do. It’s so fun to watch them- all of them push each other, and themselves to get better… go bigger.  It’s great.


Today I went to a baby shower for 2 girls that had babies here about 6 weeks ago…it was fun. Connor already has a bunch of friends! There are 4 boy babies just his age in the branch already, and for sure one on the way!
Tomorrow we are going to the fabric market… I can’t wait. I will take lots of photos.

such a cute baby… he is seriously the sweetest little guy. he is just mr. go-with-the-flow. so smiley. his little body clock seems to be finally catching up with the move, and he is doing great. i think even still, that he is 3months old, it freaks me out that i have a baby! he is loving toys, and likes to sit propped up and just watch. he loves going for walks..

oh, i forgot to mention that on the way to the skate park, there is this little area that has peacocks just walking around. turns out they are quite aggressive animals, and i thought they would be totally scared of us, but no… they come right up to you, and i think it’s totally scary, so i banned the kids from going close to them. Colton did take this photo though, cause i was too scared it was going to peck me to get close… of course the boys were convinced if you spooked them, they would open up their huge feather display…no go. not sure what gets them to ‘show off’.. they are intense animals. funny.

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