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thursday 'regroup'

thursday 'regroup'

Thursdays are a ‘re-grouping’ day for me… got the house pulled together- including mopping the floors. around lunch time, I gave in and took a little nap, that was just supposed to be a little ½ hour rest… I guess it turned into a full on 2 hour crash-out nap… I was so sacked out, that my kids didn’t even wake me up when they came home from school. I guess I was T I R E D!! I think that it was the stocking-making!


So I just checked… and GUESS WHAT? We have over 1200 comments on the House of 3 ‘design district’ blog… so we get to give away 2 YUDU machines!! Both those winners will also score $100 Gift Certificate from House of 3!! …. HELP US get to 1500 comments, and we can give away another YUDU!! Go HERE to leave a comment!

How is the Christmas shopping goin’?

I wanted to share a few idea that my boys love… we get this magazine called “think geek” have you seen it… they have some awesome stuff that i think make clever gifts… there is still time to order stuff!

ok, this totally rocks! they have these t-shirts that really PLAY music! keyboard, guitar and drums (29.99)

C498_electronic_rock_guitar_shirt_anim both Cory and Colton were into these  brain teaser puzzles… they have a bunch of different ones- and they are classified for difficulty- Cory got one, and it kept him quiet for like a whole evening! he needs a harder one… (makes for a potential nap for mom on Christmas morning!)

of course.. nearing the top of list for my kids are iTunes cards… and they don't get super impressed with my home-made "santa" gift card holders…  but THIS might keep them interested!  – you have to solve the puzzle to get it open…


Cory has this circled.. it's pen that flips open…(click)


i love this…  a PEN video camera.. really COOL 'spy gear'…  they have a WHOLE LINE of spy cams.

now… just a couple other winners from think geek… this will keep your hot cocoa stirred!


i am diggin this too… a little stand for your iphone that fits in your wallet… great for watching hulu while you craft! (only $3.99)

  Stand these are pretty funny… saw these in the Paper Source catalog…this set is $14.99..histerical


(this was cory and his friend for Halloween)

also in the Paper Source catalog… do you remember this? i got a set like this when i was little… and i LOVED it… i think Q would dig it..

and .. i think this would be a hit on Christmas morning… LOL


early to bed tonight!

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