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I scrapbooked today.

There are a group of ladies that scrapbook once a week in my
neighborhood. They get together at 11am and scrap until 3 when the kids get
home and have lunch. One person hosts a week, and it rotates… so you TAKE YOUR
STUFF W/ YOU… not sure how long it’s been since I actually packed up my stuff
to go scrapbook somewhere other than in my studio.  –so this required careful planning.

I sorted and selected photos,

Chose papers and embellishments

Gathered appropriate stamps, inks, and tools and

Threw in a bunch of letter sets and off I went.

I piled it all into a Rubbermaid bin.

I was the first one there, and got to work.

I totally loved it. loved talking and connecting. Loved the
taco soup, loved seeing everyone elses photos and pages. Loved getting to know
these beautiful ladies, and learning about them, their lives, their challenges…
I am so happy I got to do that. thanks to my SIL for taking the littles to
afford me that luxury!  -day time
scrapbooking… NOVEL concept.


So want to see the 2 pages I completed?

Forgive the photos ..i took these w/ my iphone… these pages
went right up on the fridge for all to see and enjoy (wink)…


this one is of my mom's bday…


this is cory's b-day paintball party last june…

he loved it!

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