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today has been busy.


*i love that my sister lives close enough to bring her kids over to play, and that she is smart enough to bring her laptop to work on cause she knows that i am too crazy busy right now to play.

*i love today as i sat at the kitchen table to work, it's literally filled with different projects that i am working on, all in various stages of the process… from NEW just beginning, to 'in process' and some nearing completion.

*i love that for 3 hours, all the kids are in school. those are the fastest 3 hours ever.

*i love that i finally indulged myself and snuck in a mani-pedi. i feel like a new woman!


*i don't love that i have 5 cankers

*i dont' love that i don't have a plan for dinner

*i don't love dieting

SO, just wrapped up all the filming and prep work for the MPS: GIVE class!! it all came together beautifully and i am SO excited for it to get started!  counting down until the 14th ladies!

along with finishing up the GIVE class… i am starting work on my NEW "4Experts" class at Big Picture Classes… "The Art Observation".  I started work on this class over the summer, and it was reflected a bit in my keynote presentation at Creative Escape:

i have been working on the design of my 'virtual classroom' and mapping out all the weeks, and making BIG plans… i am really looking forward to it, and loving my own creative process in puttig the pieces together.  while i was on the BPS site, and reading all the teacher requirements, and getting re-aquatinted with the BPC policies, i clicked on the "teachers" tab… not sure if you have ever looked, but there is an amazing group of inspiring women there! i clicked on my own photo to see what it said, and as i was reading my own responses to the questions.. i had to laugh a little. it's been quite some time since i wrote those answers, and i marveled at how true they continued to be! i love to look back–especailly at scrapbooks, but also in my blog, and i love to read stuff like this. it cracks me up! but stilll, the questions are a prime example of just what we'll be exploring in my class.. really taking a close look at stuff.  you'll have to take a peek at those questions… how would you answer them?

ok, serioulsy. what am i going to make for dinner?!


hey.. i wanted to give a little heads up for tomorrow… not sure if you saw on my official heidi swapp facebook page a few days ago, i snuck this little beauty:


tomorrow is Wednesday, and so it's a NEW episode for me on My Craft Channel… tomorrow is kinda fun because in my actual show i walk through EXACTLY how to make this project! but ALSO (and i am not totally sure i am allowed to say this) tomorrow' 'FEATURED BUY' is a kit to make this project! i am not sure the pricing, but it's a great deal, and a great opportunity to try out these amazing products in a way that you will come away with something TRULY beautifuL!  the colors are amazing, and the techniques are SO EASY anyone can do!  (to my MPS GIVE friends.. pay attention, we'll be doing something similar to this in our class! this is a sneaky peek for you!!)  The kit includes everything you need but a paint brush and some black ink… so you can't go wrong. even these gorgeous full color instructions are included:

i mean.. if this doesn't make you feel like a super-start-artista… nothing will… this is what you start out with:

maybe you have some of these toys already at home.. so be sure to tune in tomorrow to check it out! it's a fun tutorial. LOVE it!  (your summer pictures called… they want you to put them in this book!)



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