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tonight's funness…

tonight's funness…


Tonight’s webshow was so much fun for me… cause I was really teaching! That was cool! How fun is that? we got to have a FREE class…
all over the world! The technology is mind-boggling! It’s just such a cool way
for people that love this hobby all over the world to come together! Who would
have thought? Obviously, we can’t pick a perfect time for everyone, everywhere-
so we just go with it… and then when you can, you can go and watch the recorded
and create right along with me! I know it’s hard to read the chat, and
ask and answer questions during the show- so just do what works for you! it’s
there to inspire you and get you CReATING! I love all the emails telling me
that the show is getting people  
c r e a t i n g!!  that
makes me thrilled!



So as I mentioned, tonight I shared STEP by STEP a great
mini-book CONCEPT. By ‘concept’ I mean, that it’s a great idea for making all
kinds of projects.  To prove my
point, I even created a second project this afternoon using the same mini-book

Basically, I made a book out of envelopes- I thought what a
great way to give a bunch of b-day cards… or keep b-day cards… or even just
collect stuff and store in this book to give away! LOTS of ideas for this…i had this in my mind all day, so i made this about an hour before the show!

i used my favorite plastic paper from Bazzill for the front and back cover- how cute are those mini-banners on this!? (and on EVERYTHING!)

as you can tell, i have been a bit obsessed with the ruffle thing! i LOVE the tulle option…

i also used my NEW Crepe Ribbon that is coming out from Tattered Angels next month- for this project i used my 'Electric Blue' Glimmer mist  for the ruffle and the 'celebrate' that i cut w/ my FAVORITE SCRAPBOOKING TOOL: the Silhouette!!

Just for you
fun to add a little tab, i wrote "just for you"

this gives you a great idea of how the binding looks, and the clear covers


this view shows off all the different layers-if you saw the construction in the webshow, it might make a little more sense to see these photos.. and just imagine all the different things that you can stuff this book with!!
i put all the different kinds of envelopes that i had on hand in this…


and if i didn't like the size, or length of the envelopes, i just trimmed them!

i had fun adding in a few embellishments too! love the BLING!


i just love it when i can spin so many outcomes from one basic starting point! that is what i feel like this book concept is all about! check out the show to see how exactly to put it all together, and LAUGH a little!! AND who wouldn't LOVE, LOVE that for their special DAY!
you can get the house of 3 birthday backgrounds HERE

and the mini-banners HERE


i am pretty excited about this!!

naples, italy- March 26,27,28-Paper &CO


mesa, az

san jose, ca

………more info to come!


come back tomorrow for a cool giveaway from Shimelle!

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