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too early to be tired.

too early to be tired.

I am slowly getting over my jetlag problem, and getting back into the groove. I even exercised today, but it about killed me. you have to start somewhere! I wanted to share some cute photos that I snapped of the kids to send the grandparents for Valentine’s Day. thanks to the projects and printables we have put together for Valentine’s, I will have something that I can actually send out, and possibly get there on time! (not promising anything). It’s good to have an excuse to get the camera out, and force the kids to ‘pose’. After church on Sunday, in the car coming home, I announced to everyone that I was going to be taking photos after church, so no changing clothes until the torture was over! I got a couple cute shots for the book.
(I used the negative frames that are available on House of 3 here).
When I look at these photos, I am amazed at how big they all look all of the sudden. Seems like all at once, every single one of them have grown out of the length of their pants! Connor and Capri have an ever growing vocabulary in both English and Chinese…it’s crazy. I will post the whole thing when i am done…
Quincy Coltonquincy

I made these 2 cards from the printables that are available at House of 3 here and here…  the Coupons are FREE and all you have to do is download and PRINT! Doesn’t get easier than that… These cute hearts are available as well, and there is http://www.houseof3.com/create/tutorials/printables-how-toa cute tutorial about printing them out and adding chocolate. (as if you needed an excuse to buy those gorgeous foil wrapped chocolate hearts).  If you go to the ‘create’ section of the House of 3, you will see a bunch of fabulous inspirations… the posts are listed individually, so you have to open each section to see the photos and instructions inside. there is some really cool stuff in there from Rhonna and Janet as well!

I have been loving seeing the new looks on your blogs!! Thanks for sharing.. here are a couple that I thought I would share. I love seeing the different combos of backgrounds and headers. Cute, cute!

Mom Kates

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