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too soon?

too soon?

have you seen the 'phantom' collection that Pink Paislee released in July? it's the House of 3 Halloween stuff, and i LOVE IT!  as you may know, i am a HUGE halloween fan!  i have been preparing for the episodes i will be filming for My Craft Channel, and i will be featuring the Phantom collection as well as this really fun, i mean SPOOKY, box-album.

these papers are GORGEOUS…and i love how it all turned out! but i have to tell you that my FAVORITE part of the whole collection is the stamp set. it's AMAZING. there are so many pieces- all the 'House of 3" stamp sets for Pink Paislee, the intention really has been to combine and collage the stamps to build them into something unique everytime!  well, to me, this stamp set is the ULTIMATE for building, but each stamp can also hold it's own! …so…'stay tuned!'


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