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top 5 "daily junque" LOVES

top 5 "daily junque" LOVES

The ‘Daily Junque’ collection (by House of 3… Rhonna Farrer and Janet Hopkins & i) has been around for awhile, and I have only grown more and more fond of it! it’s one of the most useable, and versatile collections – yet it sill has unexpected and unique components and fabulous little bits and pieces. On July 21st, I will be appearing on HSN and presenting the Daily Junque kit one last time… and I fear that it’s the last of it’s availability!

I do have a ‘top 5’ fav things about the collection… so, I thought I’d share..

If you already have a kit, this will inspire you to pull it out!, and if you don’t … you really should, you will love it! you can pick up the HSN kit HERE

#5 favorite thing… girls v. boys…


I have 3 boys, and 2 girls… and I must say, that the number of scrapbook pages that are ‘boyish’ don’t come close to the girlie pages… the girl stuff is just cuter! Well, the GREAT thing about this collection is that there is something for BOTH! And they both work well, and can be dressed up, or chilled out! I think it’s a rare find!  i love the soft floral touches that are super feminine, and then you have the labels, and globes, and numbers and arrows that just work great for those more ‘rough’ pages!


#4 favorite thing NUMBERS work for so many things:

ages, grades, number of members in a family or group, days of a trip, dates and even just counting! This kit has no shortage of numbers..

from the numbers paper (that I used here to highlight that Connor was turning 4) … to the ‘tabs’ page that gives you numbers all the way up to 31 so you can play with dates of the month, or any kind of numbers of anything! Super useful and great for collage elements, tabs and layering!


#3 favorite: the list making stamp


this kit comes with a stamp set that has like whole bunch of stamps. It’s a great collection that you will use over and over and over again! And while I LOVE them all, my favorite in this collection is the long vertical number border that makes ‘list style journaling’ so EASY!  The number list goes up to 31, so that you can use it for dates… (try making a birthday calendar) but you can also choose just how many numbers you wish to have in your list, and only ink to that point on the stamp! How perfect is that?? I have used it in lots of ways- but here I have taken the opportunity to list qualities about my sons.


It’s great for ‘to do’ lists… and ‘bucket’ lists… and every kind of list you can imagine!


#2 favorite thing: SO many pieces!


Collage. Layers. Tabs. Banners. Flags. Notes. Labels. This collection has more PIECES and bits that can be cut up into pieces, that you can simply combine, add, layer- pop up and piece together a different look over and over! Just take that main page- the collage paper- cut that up, and there alone you have like 100 elements that can be used to make embellishments. Foam tape, and dimensional adhesive becomes your best friend as you create you very own masterpieces with these building blocks.



#1 favorite thing about this collection: it’s an EVERY DAY COLLECTION.

You don’t need a reason, or a special occasion to put this stuff to work, it really is about documenting your ‘daily’ life. I love how this little mini book turned out- really as a peek into ‘one day in the life’… take a minute today- to jot down what’s going on! Eating, watching, playing, wearing, doing, going. and now…


Make a scrapbook page. And then magnet it to the fridge for everyone to enjoy!


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