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'travel' with me to true scrap 4 – plus free scrapinar alert!

'travel' with me to true scrap 4 – plus free scrapinar alert!

You know how there are really great little restaurants, and fabulous boutiques that  you might never hear about unless you had someone tell you about them?  Or what about that great deal, or fab hairdresser… or even that go-to recipe that you would never have encountered without someone sharing that info! Well, I am a creature of habit, and I don’t like to expend energy to go out of my comfort zone to learn something new, and even MORE I don’t like to have to ‘figure things out’ by myself… but when I DO push myself out of my box, and extend myself, I am always so glad that I do!  I am here to let you know that I have been pushed a little out of my box!

As you know, I have been LUCKY enough to travel to many parts of the world teaching scrapbooking! the traveling is a true PERK, as I LOVE, LOVE to travel! In fact, I would rather not stay put! Unfortunately, the travel is hard on my family and on work etc…and so while I would love to do more, the limited amount that I manage to squeeze in (HELLO Scrapfest!) is… well, limiting! I love to be in a room full of happy creative women playing with pretty paper!

The next best thing is ONLINE classes! And I have had some amazing experiences at JessicaSprague.com as well as BigPictureClasses.com as well as just my own LIVE webshow classes!

We always have a blast- and the best part is the connection with women ALL OVER the world?  There USED to be a saying “you can’t be two places at once” and quite frankly… that is no longer the case! Because when I have a webshow class, I am in lots of homes…all over! And it’s exciting cause it’s happening right then, and we are chatting and laughing and creating pretty stuff!

But, lets face it, not all of us can travel to a big event…whether it’s time, family, financial limitations… but still, I think that we all need those wonderful injections of inspiration, new ideas and a battery re*charge … and I believe that True Scrap is the answer!  You just have to FEED your passion to grow! Check out the LINE UP!

The only thing BETTER than an online class, is an online EVENT! It was actually my friend Jessica Sprague that told me about the event “True Scrap”…

it’s the only one like it of it’s kind, and it’s hard to imagine…so stick with me:

Ok, so take one of my LIVE  webshows, and streamline it into a pre-recorded CLASS format. NOW, times that by 15 really creative amazing women… and add a ‘producer’ that puts it all together, and HOSTS the event that is over the course of 2 days (Oct. 19,20). She hosts the classes in a super-high-powered webinar classroom, that allows you to watch, chat, ask questions and interact with EVERYONE there at the same time!

Classes include a 30 minute video and cover ALL kinds of fabulous subjects! Photography, writing, art journaling, techniques, story telling, how to use sketches, photoshop beginnings ….and MORE!!! **including myself, as I talk about my new scrapbook crush “memory files”. YES…15 classes.  It’s HUGE, even if you did travel to a big event, 15 classes is TONS!  And these women are all so interesting and amazing. They are wonderful teachers.

Here is a peek at the project that i will be teaching!

Lain Ehmann is the brains and the brawn behind True Scrap… as I have been getting to know her, I will tell you right now, she is a MASTERMIND! I have been so impressed with what she has put together for this amazing online event, and also ALL that she does! She is so much fun to watch and listen to! I am totally inspired on so many levels!

SO, the reason that I am bringing this up, is because TOMORROW NIGHT Sept 12, the producer of True Scrap4, Lain Ehmann… is actually hosting a FREE ‘scrapinar’ as she calls it. it’s an interactive web-based class where you will be able to SEE Lain and chat, and ask questions and LEARN… but you will also get a sneak peek of exactly what True Scrap will be like!

Bottom line, is that I would not have even known about this event if my sweet friend Jessica Sprague didn’t tell me all about it, and encourage me to become part of it… and it wasn’t until I really understood how it works… that I got really EXCITED! I mean, 15 classes, plus extra make n takes… all the ‘at home convenience’ you could want! (the classes and videos are yours forever) …it’s only $127 (if you sign up before Sept 30, and that is $20 off the reg. price…which is only like $9 per class)

Ok… LONG post, but this is really something to think about! I encourage you to check it out! And keep in mind, that the price goes up $20 after the 30th.

AND GUESS WHAT!!! EVERYONE WHO SIGNS UP BEFORE THE 30TH, USING THIS LINK WILL BE ENTERED TO WIN ONE OF 3 FULL CLASS KITS…everything that you will need to create my class project for FREE!!!  i am ALSO giving away my class sample! all done, ready to add photos!!  so click here to SIGN UP!!

and if you want MORE … click here to stay up-to-date

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