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travels with your memory files

travels with your memory files

I have had the good fortune of visiting New Zealand twice for scrapbooking—but both trips were so rushed! I would LOVE to go back and spend some time exploring! Well, Piradee Talvanna recently had a similar opportunity. She went to NZ for a scrapbooking conference, but she took her husband and made a trip of it! Smart girl!

Piradee also took her memory files along with her on the trip to keep track of her ephemera and memorabilia, and then afterward used them to scrapbook the trip!

Many of our Memory File projects this month have focused on ideas for the INSIDE of your Memory files… but take a look at what she did on the outside!

They are SO beautiful! Seems like the “No Limits’ collection is just perfect for this adventure! The 3 folders represent different aspects and days of the trip…and house both photos, and things she collected along the way!

Piradee writes, “Not only did they help me stay organized with the mementos collected from the various towns and cities that we visited but are great to contain the stories that I to record.”

I think that she is right!

Memory Files are an awesome way to record significant experiences like a vacation. Many times you have LOTS of photos, and stories… if you are using the memory file approach, you can include more photos!  the times that you spend together with loved ones on vacations, getaways and trips are wonderful bonding experiences (whether you realized it in the moment or not!).

Its just as important to look back and enjoy the memories of one such experience, as it is actually GOING in the first place! it’s totally worth the time and energy you spend documenting as you preserve the fabulous memories! Whether it’s camping an hour away from your home, or a trans-continental adventure…don’t risk forgetting! Especially not the funny stories, or the little tiniest of details!

Thank you so much Piradee, for sharing your New Zealand trip with us …. and your amazing Memory Files!

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