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tuesday night…

tuesday night…

So I am just getting ready to go pick up one of my fabulous
guest hosts from the airport! I am so excited that she is coming… she is indeed
one of my favorite people, and it’s been too long! I have been working
feverishly to be all prepared and ready for tomorrow’s webcast! It’s going to
be revolutionary! I can feel it! (smile)…

SO many of you have taken the very first step, and grabbed
the goal setting FREEBIE that is available at www.houseof3.com.  

Downloading is only the first step! ***CONGRATS*** you have
opened the door to the most amazing year so far!  The next step…is a high step:



What do you WANT?? (check)


NOW:  w r i t
e   i t  down.

I just got a peek at Stephanie Ackerman’s list…(quick, go look)

I was going to show you mine, but it’s SO lame and boring
compared to her! (smile!) … just kidding… she is TOTALLY inspiring to me! and
makes me so happy


TOMORROW: plan to join us in our LIVE WEBCAST… you won’t
want to miss a thing.. we’ll be sharing what this is all about!



I did YOGA today for the first time, and it was amazing. But
now, I can barley move.



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