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turkeys, 21, and tomorrow's show!

turkeys, 21, and tomorrow's show!

TUESDAY…it's been a good day. confession: today i had my house cleaned; and coming home to a clean house was so truly happy and rejuvinating. thanks TLC!

today was day 2 of the '21challenge' hosted by Rhonna Farrer, and also day 2 of the MPS GIVE class.. and today i shared a bunch of fun ideas that students can do with the amazing art they create! as i was contemplating my 21-day mission, of drawing closer to my Savior, today i kept thinking about how grateful i was feeling for my home; and for ALL the homes that i have been blessed with! see the project for the GIVE class was to make a 'subway art' piece that included addresses, and as i worked on my own, just seeing all the addresses from my past homes really tugged at my heart- i mean, it was really emotional to see all those addresses; it represented my (married) life! anyway, as i was sitting in my quiet, clean home while everyone was at school (i have 3 hours on Tues, Wed and Thurs of quiet) …i was just overcome with graditude. and so for my '21challenge' i decided to create some little banners to hang, and display along with my Subway art.

"Give thanks unto the Lord, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the people." 1 Chron 16:8

of course… it's that time of the year that thinking about all the things we are thankful is a primary focus for everyone! which is awesome…today i felt overwhelmed, even just shopping around the grocery store with Capri and Connor collecting the items needed to create some little treats for Connor's pre-school snack! i got the idea here:

so…..we got the oreos, and the mini-nutterbutter cookies…some frosting, and candy corns (that we had to search around for)

so we are working away putting these together, and Eric and the boys walk in, and he says "pinterest?" … and my reply, "is it that obvious!?" lol… even though these were just not as picture perfect as the original, the kids were SO excited! i mean, they thought these were so amazing! they loved making them! i got a LOT of help!! i am sure Connor's friends will love them for the 2 seconds before they devour them! and …was feeling super grateful for Pinterest… (or as my mom calls it 'pinternet')


it is Tuesday night, and tomorrow is Wednesday, which is the day that every week a new episode of my show "create to remember" airs on My Craft Channel... i love the project that will be featured tomorrow! so tune in tomorrow, and i'll show more photos! wait until you see what i made this out of!




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