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Since I was in the 7th grade I have wanted to see U2 in concert…last year when U2 was actually coming to a city I lived in, Eric and I would be away so we couldn’t go… which was a bummer- and then the concert was cancelled, and pushed off a year- which meant that this would be the year! Eric actually was able to buy a couple tix off a co-worker, and we have been looking forward to the concert……it’s so nice to have something exciting to look forward to!  we went with my brother and sis-in-law, and we had a BLAST!  So all day- the weather was totally threatening rain, and toward the end of the afternoon, the weather cleared up and it was a BEAUTFUL night. PERFECT outdoor concert weather! … we parked in downtown SLC and rode the train up to the U with the thousands of other people and walked into the stadium as the Fray started singing… I enjoy the Fray, and they sounded great in concert!  I am sure that U2 concert set-up was working hard in their favor.


 So just as the sun was going down, U2 came out on stage… and they all looked so great, and sounded even better…it was so interesting to be listening and watching to them perform those songs I loved as a ‘teenager’ – as an adult… it was kinda amazing as the feelings and memories associated with those albums and tunes came pouring back… but with even more meaning and depth- it was just really cool- so inspiring…


I think the thing the MOST amazing was the live video production that was going on all night- the effects, and the camera angles, the drama… holy cow, I loved it so much!!  I kept thinking about how after 35 years, these guys are still singing the same songs- smiling as they jam, and STILL making a difference, still friends- have stayed out of trouble…and are continually, from the beginning not only carving their own path, but staying true to themselves.  Just so inspiring.

seems like everyone was taking photos and videos on their phones the whole night- at one point, Bono asked the crew to turn out the lights, and asked everyone to  hold up their phones for the lights to show- it was so awesome. the stadium was filled with little lights…
*this is my brother and his wife LaRane


The show, the set up, the songs, the clear night… it was just awesome.

THANK you to my sweet husband for taking me!!


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