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up too late

up too late

Up late working, and thought I’d show off a couple photos from the day- busy, but hit some goals- we’ll see if I can keep it up!IMG_0109

Connor is a bath guy- loves to take a bath, and it usually buys me some time! I can just sit on the floor and keep an eye out, while he plays! Today, things got a little crazy in the bubble department… soon, everyone wanted a bath, that really turned more into a swimming pool… again- it was worth it for a few minutes of work time!


this was just a little star moment… i adore this little girl, and admire her quiet confidence… (new shirt!)


this is what i see of Colton right after he walks in from school… the back of his head as he is firing up the Xbox. he kinda rules the roost when he is around… causes problems! …
IMG_0131 starting to capture a 'slice of life' around here… hmmm… kinda has a ring to it??


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