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(do i have my kids trained for the camera or what!?)

Spent another day in the hospital—and for the most part, we
had a really good day.  I don’t
think that any parent sleeps very well next to a hospital bed.  It was a long night. Capri woke up on
the WRONG side of the bed, or was woken up by a freaky phlebotomist… I woke up
to her little voice saying, “DON’T TOUCH ME”.  and I think that the tech was actually a little intimidated!

After awhile, she seemed so great—she had color… she was
happy! We went into the little playroom and colored, read and did puzzles… she
even was like taking care of another little girl – bringing her toys and
playing with her. I could tell she was feeling good. she got a bath, and it
seemed like she was improving! I was so glad- it made me happy too! I came home
and grabbed the kids and we went and met up with Capri and had a bite in the
hospital cafeteria…they were all so happy to see each other, and so sad to say
goodbye again- the kids are all so worried about Capri, and missing her. She is
such a little light here in our home. We miss her like crazy!

We just heard that she is scheduled in the OR tomorrow
morning… I guess that I kinda thought that maybe she was doing better… maybe we
would be avoiding surgery- but I trust these folks. I know that they are doing
all they can, and being very cautious… I know that she is in good hands. Not
just good… GREAT.

I want to send out a HUGE thank you for the prayers…

a thank you for the support and POURING out of concern and

a thank you for the meals and child care and HELP.

and most of all… I appreciate everyone for allowing me to
focus on my baby. All of my commitments evaporated (it’s going to be harsh on
the catch up…) but for now, I am


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  2. Today
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