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using foam core with your memory files

using foam core with your memory files

The first scrapbook page that I ever made that incorporated ‘foam core’ was one that I did of Quincy on her blessing day- and inside the layout, I was able to include her blessing hat and a little tiny bracelet…so sweet. I need to dig that out!

My new ‘Memory File‘ concept is perfect for including foam-core for inserting a mini book, a bracelet, or any thicker mementos or ephemera you want to include!

In this week’s episode of “Create to Remember”, i talk about this project… it’s a 6×6 book that sits inside the folder.

The 6×6 mini is just super simple- but I added a No Limits Stix and Pennant, as well as a Disco star. I used a circle punch in the cover to create an opening to mount a little camera (I removed the ‘stix’ part)

But, because the front of this was so cute, I thought it would be fun to cut a little window out of  the file so you could see it from the front. (I love little peeks)

I actually made this project before I had the actual files in my possession…so I just covered a regular file folder with my new No Limits papers

Check out the episode to see how I used a piece of clear acetate to create a pocket to hold the book in place…

I do love this technique! If you are all signed up for my Art of Observation class.. you will need a 9×11 piece of foam core… just a heads up!

(true confessions: I still don’t have photos in this project…trying to decide what memory ‘fits’)&

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