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using 'mobile' wallpapers…

using 'mobile' wallpapers…

after posting the wallpaper freebie yesterday, i have received several emails asking how to use them! so i thought that i’d give some quick instructions for the iphone.  i don’t know how to add wallpapers for other devices, so if anyone would like to email me, or post instructions on my facebook wall, that would be great! i’ll post it here.


1. download the custom wallpaper- it’s a .jpg file

2. email it to yourself, and open it on your phone

3. when you see the image inside your email, tap the image, and select ‘save image’

4. open your photos, and you will find the image saved there.

5. tap on the image for the wallpaper, and tap on the icon in the bottom left corner that is a little box with an arrow coming out of it (it means share)

6. select ‘use as wallpaper’

7. it will allow you to ‘move and scale’; here you can be sure you like how it looks (zoom or center)

8. when you are happy, tap ‘set’

9. it will ask you if you want to:

1. set lock screen (this is the screen you see first, when you unlock your phone)

2. set home screen (this is all the screens behind all your apps. you might have several pages)

3. set both

10. select the lock screen

now…. touch the button on the top of your phone, to make it sleep (no need to slide it to off…just put to sleep) and wake it up by pressing the bottom circle button … and walah! there it is!!!

these are a little addicting! it’s SO fun to have them change… note: also works on ipad. same instructions!

and here are 2 NEW wallpapers that you can find on Jessica Sprague’s wall on Facebook.

12 Days Wallpaper




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