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Valentine celebrations!

Valentine celebrations!

Yesterday was a crazy day- isn’t it amazing how things seem
to all fall on the same day!?


Colton was having his first dance! He was quite excited… and
you should have SEEN how amazing the room looked! Those who were in charge did
an absolutely awesome job decorating, and making it very special. The kids had
to earn the privilege of  going to
the dance.


–I thought it was so funny because it ended up the same as every
other youth dance… no one asking anyone to dance, but wishing they would! They all
looked awfully cute though! seriously. as we were leaving, i overheard 2 boys talking "that was actually really cool, now i can't wait for my PROM"… LOL


Cory had a big ‘president’s day report.


All the kids picked
an x-pres of the US and dressed up-did a report.


Then the whole 5th grade
put on a ‘Wax Museum” where they had a little PUSH button their desk, and when
you push the button, the kids had to give a little speech. It was pretty dang

Cory was Martin VanBuren. We got him a bald cap, and needed a jacket- I called
my Aunt KJ to see what was in her costume closet in terms of an old jacket-with
tails… and of course she delivered. She has an old coat of my 3rd Great
Grandfather in her possession. She brought it over, and it’s in amazingly good
condition. It’s a wool suit coat with tails. It’s HEAVY. We googled the name on
the tags and figure it’s about 125 years old or so. While Cory was trying it
on, we discovered pockets in the back-under the tails. Eric thinks maybe it was
a gun pocket! It was fun to have Cory wearing it.



I am the room mother in Quicy’s class.. and was in charge of
putting together the Valentine





The kids in her class are so cute and
they (especially quincy) were SOO excited. another one of the mom’s and one of
my friends helped me put it together, and she is AWESOME… and just went above
and beyond.  We had so much fun. we
did a little craft, played a math bingo game, and let them decorate cookies
provided by the PTA. Capri and Connor were also on hand for entertainment…Eric
and I had a great time too! The kids kept saying “this was our best party ever”…
such a 3rd grader thing to say!



welcome weekend!



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