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Happy Valentines Day.. what a fun
holiday! I have totally enjoyed every bit of it- I have loved all the House of
3 creative FUN we have had.. and dreaming up inspiring stuff to make! I love
all the Valentine crafting that I did for home décor and stuff that I gave away
as gifts…there was quite a list once you added in all the Valentines that my
kids were also making for their friends and classmates! I have loved playing
with the crepe paper and glimmer mist and especially buying valentine candy and
making valentine cookies and buying valentine t-shirts!

Valentine’s is a pretty funny
holiday! I think it’s GREAT to have a day that is dedicated to your LOVES! This
morning… eric gave me a card – and inside, he mentioned that this year marks
the 20th Valentines Day 
that we have celebrated ‘together’- his card got me thinking about the
different Valentine celebrations that we have had over the years… back in the
beginning, of course the day was just about us! favorite restaurants, clever
cards and gifts, romantic getaways and 
of course flowers! And as the years have brought changes in our family…
more kids, different obligations and responsibilities… the focus of the day has
broadened! This weekend was a celebration that is an extension of us:  our kids, and our family! – today I
invited everyone over for dinner… we took dinner to my grandparents and ‘heart
attacked’ my little brother’s grave.  -Quinn died 25 years ago, when i was 12 in a snow accident…it was fun to have the kids make these little hearts, and remind them about who he was, and what he was like! katie was only 3 when it happened.  –there were lots of Valentines at the Cemetary…i am sure that Quinny appreciated the thought and love!



The kids love playing together, and the adults enjoyed some Olympics.
Eric and the boys had gone to watch the 7’s Rugby tournament in Vegas…so it’s
just been a non-stop weekend! Admittedly, I was feeling just a little bummed
that Eric and I didn’t get a quiet, romantic dinner together… and we didn’t
really get time to just focus on each otherr… but as I took a step back, and
thought about the tremendous blessings that are results of our love, and
commitment to each other, I was happy to share the focus from just my LOVE… to
my little lovies!

With my mom and dad away- they are
just going on 6 months of their mission in Fiji…we definitely miss having them
around. You never get too old to need and appreciate all that your folks do!
this ‘holiday’ season has been just a little strange without the way that my
mom manages to pull everything together, and bring us all together… I think
that in a way, I feel like I need (and want) to make sure that ‘role’ is
somewhat carried out in her absence! I love having my brother and sister’s
familys over, and just enjoy the sweet company.

I certainly hope that they all
know how very special they are to me. how much I LOVE and cherish my family.
this is a unique ‘time and season’… a time to celebrate and focus on the
intense demands of all those that I love the very most.


On a funny note…

So I totally made these really
fabulous HUGE heart valentines for each of my kids.




i cut poster board into a
heart card, and glimmer misted them and added tons of crepe paper…I laid them
all out cute by their beds… and they did seem impressed. i included a 6pack of
their favorite pop…well, the boys didn’t even know that the hearts were cards
and there was a note inside! (seriously boys…don't worry quincy got it!)



And, it seems as though Eric has
been picking up a few tips and tricks for Glimmer Misting, and while he did BUY
a V-day card, he totally glimmer misted the envelopes!! I was sooo impressed

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