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Once you become the proud owner of a Minc. machine stop by here to watch this video and find out how easy it is to get started!



Watch the magic happen when using my Hawthorne Foam Stickers with the zero heat setting.

New Minc.™ Mediums

CHA overview of the NEW Minc.™ products for 2016.

Minc.™ Getting Started

Unboxing and getting started with Minc.™ foil applicator.

Minc.™ Reactive Art Screen Ink

Customize your art screens with Minc Reactive Art Screen Ink and any color Minc Reactive Foil!

Minc.™ Reactive Paint

Foil anything you paint using the new Minc Reactive Paint and the Minc Foil Applicator!

Minc.™ Reactive Paint with stencils

Learn how to use Heidi Swapp Minc Reactive Paint with stencils and the Minc Foil Applicator Machine. Coming soon!

Minc.™ Reactive Mist

Introducing Heidi Swapp Minc Reactive Mist. Customize your art using this spray mist with any color Minc Reactive Foil! Coming soon!

Introducing the minc.™ pen

Now you can add amazing foil effects to your handwriting using the Minc. toner marker and the Minc. Custom foil messaging just got easier!

meet my new Minc.™ mini

Add amazing foil effects to paper crafting projects, cards, home decor prints and party goods with the new Minc. mini Foil Applicator and the new Minc. Foil.

Minc.™ planner elements & Storage

Create small planner accents and storage for your planners using the Minc and the Fuse tool.

Minc.™ two color foil transfer

Learn how to create a 2 color foil transfer with the Minc. and get the FREE printable right on my blog!

Minc.™ add foil to your custom prints

Design, Print, & Add Foil Finishes to your own custom prints with a laser printer and the Minc.

Minc.™ 3D effects

Add stunning foil effects to predesigned 3D butterflies and flowers using the Minc. machine and any combination of 11 beautiful Minc. foil colors by Heidi Swapp.

Minc.™ Gallery ARt

Use your Minc. machine and any of the 11 gorgeous Minc. foil colors to add shimmery effects to wall decor and home accessories. It’s easy with these sets of pre-designed prints from Heidi Swapp.

Minc.™ Pinwheels

Discover how easy it is to add foil effects to these pre-designed Pinwheels by Heidi Swapp.

Minc.™ host a party

Now you can add luxe foil effects to party decor, cupcake toppers and cake toppers with the new Minc. This new machine combined with 11 gorgeous foil colors allow you to customization your next party with ease.

Minc.™ Reactive paint 4 ways

4 ways to use the Minc Reactive Paint to create stunning
foiled results!


I share how I love to cut my Minc Reactive Foil!

Minc.™ Mist in a minute

See how easy it is to foil with the Minc Reactive Mist!

Screen Printing with the MINC.™

I share my secrets behind getting beautifully foiled images with screen ink!

Minc.™ Art Screens and Color Shine

Get amazing foiled watercolor results with this Color Shine and Minc tutorial!

Minc.™ and texture paste

Did you know you can foil texture paste?
Watch how I create this cool effect with a stencil!