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viva…las vegas!

viva…las vegas!


I am so happy to be home. we came home to a clean, quiet, peaceful, cozy and sweet home. we have been in Viva Las Vegas for the last few days- and what a VIVA that place is… it’s crazy… that place should be illegal!  I mean, wow. 

SO- my sweet friend Jessica Sprague invited me to teach a class at this year’s ‘Spraguefest’; which is a really low-key gathering of members of the ‘Sprague’ community- and they gathered from the 4 corners of the country and came together in SIN-city!  I had such a crazy September, that leaving my family again was honestly just not an option, and since this was a really low key, easy going event—we decided to make a weekend out of it for our family! We were staying at the Flamingo right down on the strip, and indeed…that is where our Adventure began! i made a little instagram-collage that is a small overview of our trip…not even capturing all the truly high-points—so I’ll have a few more photos to share-


we left home on thurs night and arrived in Vegas about 12:30am. It’s a 7 hour drive from SLC to LV, and it was pretty smooth sailing- although it did feel like winter conditions as we faced cold, rainy and snowy weather.  When we arrived at the hotel (3), only ONE of our 2 rooms were clean and ready (I mean, where else are they turning rooms after midnight), so we had an hour wait to get into our other room, which left time for a late night pillow fight and some room service (warm apple pie and chicken quesadilla).  We finally settled in for the night by about 3am and lucky for me, Capri was up and at ‘em at 6:30am. So we took a little early morning grounds tour (4) and saw all the flamingos and Koi… the Flamingo’s grounds are beautiful and spectacularly filled with Palms (5).  As I mentioned, the driving force of this trip was “Spraguefest” (6) which  also meant I got to hang out with my friend Jessica- so much fun. We kicked off Friday morning with a ‘Photo Scavenger hunt” with points such as: *climb in a limo * wear a crazy hat *of course “planking” * climbing palm trees * cartwheels in casinos and climbing on random stuff… we had a BLAST taking unconventional photos! Perfect for Crazy Vegas!  it was so cool to meet the ladies that you only know 'online' in forums and classes etc…i LOVED hanging out with the staff at JS.com. Lovely, lovely gorgeous ladies that make the magic happen! and got to meet the amazing Carina Garder, as well as the wonderful folks from Scrapping Simply! (here i am w/ the lovies themselves…jessica, tori, kristen and laurie)


Our 2 days were PACKED full of exciting activities for the kids: the boys went and shot automatic weapons (huge highlight); while I taught, everyone else found a go-karting-park and had a fab time racing around the tracks…and the only thing that could really top the breakfast buffet (which in addition to the normal breakfast favs, included a chocolate fountain, icecream and, catch this: cotton candy…ONLY in vegas),  we ended our trip on a HIGH note and we all went to see the Blue Man Group.  This is a HUGELY enjoyable and spectacular show, and the kids LOVE, loved it –and sported seats on the front row! it was a very memorable, ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience…

 I think that amid the chaos, and the smoking and the filth (of all kinds)… we were still able to have a really FUN, and special few days together- we have needed to do that- just FUN. Staying up late, eating too much junk food and ordering from room service. I am so grateful for the opportunity, and even more grateful to be home safe inside my sweet little heaven on earth.

Ready for a NEW week!


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