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WARNING … catch up post!

WARNING … catch up post!

This is going to be a super long ‘catch up w/ a bunch of
stuff’ kind of blog post… just be warned!

 I can’t believe
that it’s Tuesday- the last 2 days have have gone by so fast, but I have gotten
so much done, that I am just delighted! The jet lag was a killer and it felt
like it took forever to get back on track! So I have been super behind. (Story
of my life!)



SO, tomorrow night is LIVE webshow night!!  And  with all the ‘giving’ reasons coming up:

Mother’s day, Father’s Day, Graduations, and TONS of weddings…
along w/ any happy birthdays you have coming up (april and may are big birthday
months in my book).. we have decided that we are in need of more CARDS and card
ideas in our life!  So Janet and I
have been working to come up with some fun ideas and new kits that we want to
share!! SO be sure to jump online! It’s so much more fun when you are joining
us LIVE so you can chat it up!


I have a couple winners to announce:  email me HERE and I will email you
WINNINGS!! Congrats!  Thank you so
much to Log your Memories and ColorPRO Lab for your awesome gives!!


giveaway! Love LYM! I would use a picture of kids of course!


Posted by:
Carrie Romer
o |
April 01, 2010 at 11:33 A



great sponsors! Log Your Memory just maybe the thing to spark my writing. I've
always wanted to journal but can't quite make the commentment. I would use a
photo of my children taken the last time we were at the beach. Thanks for
sharing your talents with us!


Posted by:
Anita Will
s |
April 02, 2010 at 08:49 A



See I
am getting old I forgot to tell you what I would mount! LOL


FOo my
birthday all I wanted from my family was a family portrait and that would look
Fantastic over my fireplace!


Posted by: Wendy Myers | April 01, 2010 at 02:09 AM


Ok, the first of APRIL kinda snuck up on me w/ my whole
jetlag problem, and I totally forgot to show off my Crazy Daisy kit club
samples. I know they only have a handful of  April kits left, but it’s a super cute kit, and TONS of
stuff to work with! *and some glimmer mist! You can see the kit and Crazy Daisy
stuff HERE
… and here is a look at the pages I completed.





Last week on the webshow, I showed off projects from 2 House
of 3 kits that are available now. 
The first is a continuation of the Simply Amazing kit. I LOVE getting
your emails telling me about your awesome progress w/ the Simply Amazing stuff!
Can you believe we are in the 4th month of this year? How are you
doing on your TOP TEN?


Well, this Simply Amazing add on is all about focusing
on the ACCOMPLISHments… keeping track of what you have accomplished, will help
you keep your momentum and energy up! celebrate even the little things! as I
sat down and wrote down the things I have accomplished, I was a little
surprised! I am constantly feeling so behind…

you can grab the Simply Amazing addition (you don't have to have the big kit to get this add on), click here… and to see how to put this little beauty together, you can see the step by step on the archive of last week's webshow.



The other kit that I showed off last week is one that I am
especially proud of- because Rhonna taught me some mad photo-shop skills and
inspired me to design some little mini-pages. They are 5×7 pages… 10 of the to
be exact, and they are just beautiful to me!! 'Garden Bliss'


I made a ‘top ten’ favorite photo
project just to have hanging in my studio! It’s great for spring! Man it’s be
SO snowy around here, so these bright papers have been fun to have hanging

The ‘top ten’ and ‘favorites’ files are pieces that I have
up on the Silhouette site.


I posted some fun ‘sneak peek’ video links on the Mistified
blog yesterday-
if you want to take a look inside the classes that I taught in
Italy, you can view them!  I got all
my travel plans for heading to Australia today, and I am SO excited.   if you are near Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney… PLAN on
joining us! REGISTER HERE!!

ok PHEW!!!….lastly, just a shout out to my Creative Escape Friends!! xoxo… I AM GETTING so excited. our PREVIEW day is only 5 weeks away, so the Bazzill folks have been kitting away, and it's always just a thrill to reveal the projects to all the volunteers. after 5 years of this, the anticipation is amazing. i LOVE my project so much! it's just pure FUN! and happy! i think i can tease you with at least the title: "Yours Truly". it's making me happy. are you coming to Creative Escape? Did you hear that us House of 3 girls will be hosting a 'crop room' on Friday night! Janet and Rhonna and i have been brainstorming ideas, and it's going to be SO much fun..

ok, see- as promised… super long blog post!
be sure to join us tomorow night LIVE!! it's 6pm Pacific….9pm Eastern (and 7pm at my house in SLC)


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