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watered down graffiti

watered down graffiti

Today I allocated about 3 hours to cleaning the photos off my hard drive. I got really fancy and hooked up an external hard drive to my computer for photo storage only. Whew, I feel so much better with everything safe and sound. I was up to about 6,000 photos like 3MB each… holy cow, I think that my computer was going to blow a gasket. It’s funny how quickly they add up, and the problem is that I like to have easy access to all the photo files, in case I get in the mood to scrapbook something random… and often times, I even just like to scroll through them, I have them all mixed together- regular daily photos, trips and even projects and scrapbook pages.. just a huge hodgepodge of photos.. anyway… in the past I have burned them on to disks and I have them all stored, but its such a pain to get the disk, open it, find the  photo- can’t really browse through them etc… I think that the external hard drive will be a great solution. I think I still need to burn the disks. I have lost photos before, and it just makes you so mad (if you don’t have a photo, it didn’t happen! Wink!)Img_4968

Anyway…I wanted to share these photos, they are such a classic Chinese thing… all the time when you go to parks and places like that…you can always see people that are practicing writing Chinese characters on the ground with water and this big long pole w/ a sponge tip on the end. It’s seriously the coolest thing to watch, and usually there is a bit of a crowd gathered doing so.   When we were at the summer palace, this guy was doing his thing on the sidewalk, and I walked up and was taking a photo, and he handed me the writing stick- so I didn’t know what to write so I wrote my name (what a dork LOL), and then Quincy and Colton and Carson all wanted to take a turn. It was so cute of the guy to let us try- he was so sweet and patient as all my kids were thinking this was the coolest thing ever… and the Chinese people gathered thought it was pretty funny too, and couldn’t take enough photos fast enough of the blonde kids writing their names on the concrete.  That is one of the things I want to remember.
What I don’t want to remember is that it’s 4am and I should be asleep. Unfortunately, when I wake up in 2 hours, I am going to remember my lack of sleep no problem.


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