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we have a winner!

we have a winner!


Meet Lacey… she is the winner of a CUSTOM designed blog header by ME!! i have contacted her and i am anxiously awaiting instructions from her … as i promised… 'her wish is my command!' it will be fun to make something FAB for her! so stay tuned.. i will reveal it here!

i have seen LOTS of House of 3 Blog backgrounds… and all of you who have emailed me links, and linked here are in the running to be FIRST to get the House of 3 House Warming Ultimate kit… and there is so much to it! We are finalizing our preparations for this weekend! we have been making movies, and writing up tips, and getting ready to host our first ever online event!  FUN.

um. we are OUT of diapers. which means i have to go to the store. which means i have to get dressed, and put on a little make up and.. do something about my hair.. and find my wallet. seems like a lot of work!

edited***just got this response from Lacey:

Hey Heidi! I am soooo STOKED to have won! To think I almost didn't leave a comment! lol Give me a day or 2 to get some time to see what I want- there's soo many really cute and favs 🙂 THANK YOU so much! I was in the parking lot of Lowe's when i got your messg on my blackberry and I was like WHAT!!?? No way! I was a happy girl 🙂
Thank you again- I can't wait to see what we come up with and how dang saweet my blog will look! I am still trying to figure out how to put your blinkie on my blog- typepad is so confusing! ANyways, thanks again and I will get right back to you asap 🙂
ps- I can't wait til your new stuff comes out :) 

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