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webshow 1/12 recap

webshow 1/12 recap

Persnickity cal

such a fun show tonight…pretty laid back, but brimming with practical applications for cool creations! and i love that.. we talked about calendars, and who doesn't LOVE calendars! Tonight we decided to offer a $5 coupon – off any purchase of $9.99… but it's only good until tomorrow night this time! we talked about all kinds of creative ways to "calendar" (yes, it's a verb!)  in this photo above, i am showing a really QUICK and easy, but fabulous calendar that i had printed at Persnickity Prints… all i did was upload my photos, and create a full calendar that came all bound and ready to go! i uploaded the "RE-markable" calendars– they are super colorful and fresh, and i also added our family photos that Maggie Holmes took in Oct. – i have to admit, this is the first time i have printed these photos, and they are SO amazing… it helps that Pesnickity's printing is so perfect! anyway- DONE!

Full cal
Speaking of Persnickity… they also printed this 11×17 print, and mounted it for us… This is the 2011 Linen Calendar Printable … rhonna simply punched a couple holes in it and added some Parisian Antholgy flowers and hung it with some chain. it was SO cute! if you are going to upload it to Persnickity, these are already JPGs…so you can just load it up!


we also have a couple digital kits that are awesome, and that i used in creating the 2 new kits…

         DIY Calendar  :

           2011 Calendar brush kit

The 2011 Calendar kit is just a basic calendar, with a fun ornate frame around each month. Rhonna used it to create the little calendar garland (seen above).. and i used it to create my little hanging flip calendar – which is made from this "Daily Calendar Project Kit" – same art used in the Linen Printable

Daily We also talked about the REmarkable calendars… and mentioned that we have extended the sale of the "my book" memory books for a couple more days… 

other REmarkable goodnes is:

Remarkable Digital

Remarkable Printable

Remarkable brushes

Remarkable 2" circles

Remarkable definitions (NEW)


TOnight we announced a $5 coupon code good only through tomorrow on any purchase of $9.99 or more. the code is: 5dollarLOVE

I also announced a couple of IMPORTANT things to NOTE!

1. next week, the webshow will be on TUESDAY jan 18th (rather than wednesday) AND, i will have 2 special guests to give some fabulous CHA sneak peeks! the house is buzzing with excitement!!

Logo2. i also talked tonight for a few minutes at the end of the show about the class that i am teaching with Jesscia Sprague called "Mouse, Paper, Scissors"…..and you know, the thing that is so cool about this class, is that you will learn SO much, that will totally CHANGE your life! you will be AMAZEd at how easy, and realistic it is!! the class is 4 weeks… and we'll be exploring all kinds of photoshop (and photoshop elements) tips and tricks…  last weekend Jessica flew out here to SLC and she and i spent a couple days together finalizing the kit, the project, the tasks etc… and it's going to be fabulous! i am really excited to work with her.


……whew… what a day! i am super tired! Rhonna, thanks for coming! and janet… thanks for popping in! our thoughts are w/ you! thanks everyone, for hanging out with us tonight! xoxo


remember… thru tomorrow only: 5dollarLOVE                 E N J O Y

did i cover it all?


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