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webshow 2/24 waiting…for spring!

webshow 2/24 waiting…for spring!


Wow, what a day- i have had a full, full, long day! Wednesdays are crazy when I have a webshow brewing… and today I was running behind even my normal behind… and things weren’t really working! I think that more starts fell apart today than ever! And I was just frustrated. I had been up too last last night, and so my tired, overwhelmed combo meant a grouchy mom- I have to hand it to my kids… they could tell that things weren’t going well, and each and every one of them did their best to help, or stay out of my way! Anyway… it all worked out, and I was able to kick off our ‘waiting for spring’ campaign! We revealed the kit, although it’s not available for purchase yet… (I’ll let you know when it’s good to go!)… I do love this collection, and we’ll continue to show off what it can do through the next couple weeks! So keep watching!

this kit has such a fresh, modern vibe! love the grey and pink, and how it just works SO well with all our Parisian Anthology embellishments! so cute!

Preview12the kit includes 8 backgrounds (only 7 are pictured above) and also 6 printable 8×11 pages… it's an entirely printable kit… some of the pages are envelopes, and inserts!

Preview1 Show2    mmmmmmmmmm, how does that yellow and turkquoise make you feel!? ZING!! SPRING!!


look how fun that envelope is! we have lots more things in store for you with this kit! it's a goodie!

i had fun starting this project… it's my little ode to spring project.. i used my Yudu to screen this cute original birdcage onto the glass of this shadow box from Ikea.  it's not done- the paper in the background is new from the kit. as is the birdcage. i whipped up this little mini for Capri… i'll show it off as it get it finished! i LOVED adding these flower darlings, and brooch brad. it's just the right amount of "oh, how cute!"

ok… so like i said, watch for more on this fab kit!

Topbunk copy
You know…when your kids move from a bottle to a cup, and diapers to potty trained… these are big steps. Yesterday, yet another of these milestones were met…this was a fun and exciting one for the littles… we took down connor’s ‘big boy bed’, which was a ‘transformer’ from his crib (into the toddler bed), and Capri and Connor moved into bunk beds! I mean… crazy! I love watching them grow, but still…ah, it’s tugging my heart! I just want to enjoy it. cherish it. sweet babies. 

Bunks copy
At the same time that I watch the littles- with there sugary sweetness, I am increasingly thankful for the significant help and support I get from my older kids- Quincy and Cory have been home from school for the last 2 ½ weeks, as they have been “off-track”, and I am so thankful for their help. They have been great. I am so blessed.




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