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webshow images

webshow images

As a result of my all-nighter last night, I can barley keep
my eyes open and I think I am going to just break down and go to bed. T I R E D

So had a FUN, fab webshow tonight!  So much fuN! you can view it HERE… and if you would like to
be eligible for GIVES, go to the house of 3 BLOG and leave a comment to enter!!

Tonight I was sharing a look at my doily –glimmer misted
book.. and a new project featuring my Paris trip!  – over Christmas, Janet created a really cool ‘countdown’
project that just totally inspired me. I wanted to create something that would
feature some of my favorite photos, but I want it to be more of a décor piece…



Here is a closer look at the pages only of the book with no








Here is the Paris project…


after i got my enlargements back- i mounted it to a piece of black foam board.
i used a 2 ring binder mechanism-i spray painted it black, and hot glued it in place. (could also use brads)


i used my silhouette to cut some divider pages- these are some new art that i will be uploading to the silhouette online store- they are SO much fun-i'll show them off later as i have all the files complete!
the 2 i used on this project were the "explore" and the "cherish"- i am continually delighted and amazed w/ my silhouette… i find myself using it DAILY in my creative process… such a fun tool!  i cut the dividers from manilla folders, and then used Glimmer mist, and glimmer glam to get close to the colors in the photo- course there had to be plenty of SPARKLE!! the Tattered Angels products definitely deliver in that dept.
my plan is to add journaling pages, and a few more tabs etc so i can really remember the details of the trip- lots of funny memories! i will just place this on an easel for display in my home… such a great project concept!

(look at the sparkly glitter on the crepe ribbon ruffle at the bottom of the photo!! perfect!)

I LOVE how it turned out. Janet
made a really cute Christmas Countdown project and it inspired this… she has
spun the concept into a BIRTHDAY project…and we just put a physical kit
together for it… so we’ll be telling you all about it next week!


Next week we kick off our BIRTHDAY celebration! and we hope you will join us!! i tried really hard to post this last night, but i fell asleep blogging. i read what i had typed last night, and it's a good thing i didn't post it cause i made NO SENSE!! actually-it would have been pretty funny!!

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