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FIRST… .if you are new to my blog:


I need to give some quick UPDATES about the next 2 weeks of
LIVE WEBSHOWS!! (have you watched yet?)… we sure have a GREAT time!



Tomorrow night, I am SO excited… because we will be sharing
some very exciting stuff!  Now, I
am about to say a word that might be a little scary to some of you…


DESIGN!!  Alright… now, before you
freak out and say- you are NOT a digi girl… WAIT!! Here is the story… neither
am i
. I don’t do digital scrapbook pages- I just don’t have the skill, and I
LOVE the real deal. HOWEVER, if there is one thing that has significantly
changed the scope of the way I create… it’s Digital Brushes.  There is nothing  EASIER, FASTER or more FUN than using
brushes. And basically- if you like to STAMP, this is for you. 

Tomorrow night is all about the one and only Rhonna Farrer.
She will be here, and is launching a new ‘Digital Design’ class…. and with this
class, she is releasing a brush set to end all brush sets (not really, but it’s
amazing). There are over 100 brushes, and they are designed to work together,
and allow YOU to be the designer. I have had access to them for about a week
and I have used them on everything ! you will LOVE them! If you are like me at
all, your creative endeavors spill out into your life well past scrapbooking:
invitations, cards, thank you notes, gifts, school projects, blogging, church
fliers etc etc etc. learning how to use these tools is infinitely helpful! I
kid you not. If you have been scared… believe me.. I u n d e r s t a n d. … but
please, trust me when I tell you- it’s life changing! We’ll tell you how to
just TRY… and also give you tons of idea of what you can create with the
fantastic kit.  Cruise over to
Rhonna’s blog and check out some of the images. They will melt yoU! Basically- right now, until Thurs March 11, they are on for a special discounted price… serioulsy- the brushes are yours for like pennies per brush!!





Maybe you have rec’d an email blast from somewhere, or read
on my blog that I am teaching a FREE Glimmer Misting class ONLINE next wed!
(it’s your lucky day! wink)… you can order the ‘glimmer kit’ at a special price
– and create along with me next week! the show will be more like 2 hours so
that we can complete BOTH projects… and I can share all my VAST Glimmer Misting
knowledge! (WINK)… as of December I had NO CLUE what you could really do with
Glimmer Mist, and n o w… I am absolutely addicted! I feel the need to spray it
on everything. I have learned a lot of things as I have had the luxury to just
play with lots of different color combos and techniques… this week I will be
focusing on just a few of them- here’s the deal though… if you are ordering the
kit from Tattered Angels, you really need to order by Thurs March 11 to be sure
you get it on time.  if you want to
know more about special offers and deals… go HERE.  and one of my blog sponsors: Blue Moon Scrapbooking is doing
a giveaway for the show on their blog… so go and check that out too!


Of course… we have SO much fun when we are together LIVE..
it’s un-rehearsed and at the mercy of real life!! You can chat… we have
moderators that help us answer questions.. so you can chat along. If you are
LOGGED IN at Ustream, you will be eligible for show giveaways!  So be sure to create your free acct!  However, if you can’t be there live…
the show is still available for you to watch on demand! You might want to join
in the fun… or you might want to watch, and then create after you learn! EITHER
WAY… check it out! it’s such an awesome way for us to share valuable info and
promote cool products that will amp up your creativity!!

see you wednesday!!

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