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wednesday time!

wednesday time!

we have so many things ready to show you tonight! and i am super excited! i have so much to do to finish getting ready! let's see… Valentines day is 5 days away, so still lots of time to create cute little gifts and thoughtful reminders of your undying love! (wink!)


tonight i will be showing you all kinds of little things you will love!  i have this cute little 'open heart' book, and made some super cute crepe paper pom-poms.. i have been putting my rolls of crepe to good use! remember, we won't be doing the show PPV… so it's still FREE and just like normal!


so i will be showing how to create these homemade candy dispensers… all you need is a few paper and plastic cups, some crepe paper, some ribbon and mini flags and banners… of COURSE the House of 3 valentine goodies… and, oh yea, CANDY! we love candY! join me tonight, and i'll show you how it's done!




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