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weekend warriors!

weekend warriors!

i can't believe all that we are managing to cram into a couple days- it's summer, so i can't figure out how the weekends seem so hectic- well, really just saturday i guess… sunday is such a welcome relief!

we made our way out to Lagoon on friday-you know we have to get our money's worth of the season passes! here are some fun shots.. i did break down and take my camera with me last time, and i still didn't take that many photos.



this is why 1/2 the people at lagoon walk around looking like they peed their pants!

after ALL DAY at Lagoon, we went straight to the 'family picnic' of my 20 year High School reunion. it was a fun warm up to Saturday night's festivities.. quite an experience.. definately a mix of emotions as you remember the people, places and even all the insecurities that you experienced as a high school student. glad that is behind me, but really glad that i went. i was impressed with what a great group of people turned out- anyway- Sat night was for the families, and my kids loved running around the park making new friends.

Sat morning was the Rugby 7s invitational at the Rio Tinto stadium. they had added an under 12 division and so Eric went to work (about 2 weeks ag0) training the kids to play 7s. it's a little different than regular Rugby- but being able to play at Rio Tinto was a pretty cool thing! they even got to go in the locker rooms!


they played awesomely hard, and won the first game and lost their second game, but had a great time playing! they have really only played in 2 weeks of acutal games, so they are still pretty green. it's fun to watch how excited they are..

later that night was the main reunion dinner, and we went with a couple of my high school friends that are local here- we wound up having a great time. i am totally fired though, because i totally took my camera and only took about 3 or 4 photos. super lame. this is what happens when i am talking too much !

we had an amazing group of girls that we hung around with in high school… about 11 of us! there was one more that must have been off talking, but only 5 of the 11 made it last night… so to you girls: Caley, Jen, Alli, Amber, Kaci and Kaelynn… you were missed and we MUST plan a fun girls trip!! i wish we could have all been there.  as we were there, and started remembering all the people that we loved, and were missing,it does make you wish that everyone would get off their duffs and come! even though it was just high school… it was still a lot of fun. it was great to see everyone and catch up just a little. it's amazing how it feels SO long ago, but you just don't really feel like it could possibly be 20 years! we certainly don't look that old! lol!! so if you are on the fence about your reunion… JUST GO. it's fun. you'll be glad you did. BUT … take more photos!

SO- i have been doing some recreational scrapbooking…i really like getting kits and playing with them! it's fun when someone else does all the leg work of gathering really cool stuff and then sends it all packaged up right to your door!! this is the Dixie Pieces JULY kit, and i will just show a few peeks…. i did use some of the kit, and also some of my stash. but it just felt good to spend a few hours scrapbooking for fuN! not for the webshow, not for a class or a product release … but just for fuN! i don't think they have their kit up for sale yet..so i will have to wait a couple days to show off the full pages:

this page is about a trip to target…



i added some chipboard wings from a House of 3 Heart box kit and vintage Heidi Swapp stuff on this page.. it's all about miss Quincy!


and this one has one of my fav family photos!

it's a quickie!! ……….ok, what's for dinner?

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