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welcome 2008- warning LONG POST

welcome 2008- warning LONG POST

We are well into 2008 now, and I am not off to a very strong start in the blogging department! I have all this stuff that I keep thinking I am going to talk about, but I have been so busy and tired! So, I will attempt to  play some catch up! Forgive the LONG post… and multitude of photos…
I will start out with our New Years Eve Bash! We decided to throw a New Years party…Img_2645
most of the foreigners Img_2647
around here take off for the holidays. Some go home, where ever they call ‘home’, or wherever they have family… some go to the southern parts of China and the near-ish island countries for some beach time.. but there were still a bunch of us that were hanging around, having fun-keeping each other company! It was really fun to have all the kids out of school, so that they could spend their days playing! The boys pretty much spending all their time learning and practicing “MYACHI” tricks, and Quincy and her friends all love to color and play with Polly Pockets. (Quincy and I set up a wedding dance party for her polly’s and we photographed them having a great time—the Polly’s are very photogenic—I printed out little tiny photos and quincy made them little scrapbooks. That kept her busy for a while, and used up quite a bit of bling!)
Anyway… so we reserved our Club House here in our neighborhood for New Years Eve, and planned an evening for families to come and ring in the new year. The club house is equipped with pool tables and ping pong. We brought our new wii, and had 4 dance mats to have some “Dance Dance Revolution” going on. That was fuN! The highlight was a special musical number from a guy named Brian Osborne.Img_2651
He is the Img_2663
lead-guy for his band called ‘LOVE YOU LONG TIME’.(or just google "love you long time band") if you can’t get that link to work, it’s being freaky)  Img_2665
His family lives here in Beijing, and he and his wife and baby came to visit for Christmas etc. Anyway… I had heard all about the band, and some of their touring stories… and stuff like that, but it was so fun to meet Brian or “OZ” as he is known by his fans. The band is made up of Brian, his sister Sally… her husband, Shane  – and another guy, Liam. They call the style: Powerpop/Electronica/Hip Hop. Photoshootheader_01_2
If you have a second, you have to check out their MySpace… and you have so see how cool/funky/colorful/retro-ish, but totally fresh and fun they are. I mean, you just have to look at the photos…from what I hear, (and this HAS been verified by actual concert attendees, they put on a seriously entertaining show…) ok, so … if you are looking for a choice download to drop onto your new shiny Christmas i-pod…you have to check out their songs: “just nonsense” “showstopper” and my personal fav: “crazy crush”. you can find it on i-tunes too.  It’s perfect running music. We have CD that only has like 5 songs on it that Brian gave the boys at the New Years ‘unplugged’ session… and it’s been playing in our house ever since.  You can hear the songs on their site (myspace). Warning: totally catchy…stuck in your head kind of thing. …it’s good off-the-wall stuff!  When you check the site, be SURE to check out the ‘west aspen-merch’ site, which is their merchandise…I LOVE the models’ expressions they have on there wearing their stuff… and I really want one of the ‘Gold Stereo Shirt’… scoring big points in the originality dept.

So after the big new years party, and the welcoming  2008…of course the resolutions have been setting in! so that is a combination of family, spiritual, physical, professional, and FUN goals. Eric has been riding his bike on the trainer in the garage, but he did get all bundled up and did a long road ride from here up by the Wall. Img_2718

With the end of 2007, my year-long class on Big Picture Scrapbooking ended as well. In the class we filled a Calendar album. The other night I went back through each month reading all the little tiny details that I recorded. I found myself in this time-warp going back through every week of 2007. It was like a daily digest- so cool. I loved it. I wrote down stuff I would have TOTALLY forgotten, and stuff that I don’t typically include in my journal.
So, of course, I need to do that again. I started this year off with a Pink 9×9 calendar. I love it! so my first page is a ‘goal’ page. Similar to what it was last year.
This B&W dot paper is one of my favorite all-time papers. I used my other favorite-product-of-the-moment…Img_2755
I can’t get enough of these sticky-glossy dots.Img_2744
Especially the LIME color. I used them on my calendar page to make the dates. I used my Bordeaux-Mix rub-on alphas. Love it. I used some of Rhonna’s stamps… I love the ‘enjoy the journey stamp’.  And speaking of the lime dots… here is a SNEAK PEEKSwimming
into some of my NEW stuff for the winter show. (more sneaks to come!) I love this photo of the boys! I miss the warm AZ sunshine!
After I was on the reminiscing kick, I got a fun idea for a clock. I need a new clock in the kitchen.. so I printed out a bunch of my fav. photos from 2007Img_2729
in an ultra-small size, Img_2730
and adhered them to the top of a clock overlay. Ranger sent me a little bottle of the pink
Img_2731_2 crackle ‘distress’ paint for a design-challenge, so then I was on a kick…(have you tried this stuff? I am in need of all 24 colors!) so I painted it on behind the words that are printed on the clock overlay and let it dry. I put the bling frame around the words, and that was IT! so cute.
So I will be appearing on QVC on Feb. 4th (9am EST). I will be on for an HOUR! I have several kits that I will be presenting, so I am working on designing pages and samples for each kit! One of the kits is a CLOCK kit… so here are a couple more clocks I made at the same time. Img_2732


Last of all… I have to share 2 of my favorite finds:Img_2745

The first one is the coolest thing… have you seen this? Emily told me about it back before Christmas, and wound up sending me one to try… Not only is this delish hot choc… (and I LOVE good hot choc.)… but HELLO… it totally heats up BY ITSELF! Ok, I can think of a LOT of perfect times to have one of these! If you live in a cold place, you have to keep a few in the car! It fits in the cup holder perfect (well, I think it would). It’s heavy, so I don’t recommend you send them to overseas friends… (wink!) but I am a HUGE fan.

and here is my other cool, favorite thing ever… that I keep a few in the car… this re-useable grocery bag. I found it at IKEA (yes, there is an Ikea in Beijing! And I know where everything is!)  Here, you take your own bag to the store. It’s hard for me to remember, and then I get charged for the plastic ones –lol. But these bags are so fabulous… #1 great huge stripe design! Love it! #2 perfect size for groceries and fabric and anything you need #3 good, strong handles #4 they stand up good in the back of the van as you drive!

Ok, well, if you made it through all that… you deserve a gold star!

PS: Club Heidi will resume on Jan 15. We had some kind of server, website, hosting issue… but I think it’s resolved now, and we are working to get it ready for then. If you like FLOWERS OF ALL KINDS, then you will LOVE this month’s kiT!

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