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welcome 2012!

welcome 2012!

Welcome 2012! It’s here… it’s shocking- I was thinking back on the entry of 2011, and even 2010… and I can only imagine that a year from now will not go by any slower! So really, you have to just LIVE it up! You have to make the most of everyday! New Years Eve is tricky- don’t you think? Like… do you have a great party? Hope to get invited to a great party? Plan something low-key cause you don’t think you are going to go to a great party- OR, resign yourself to the fact that it’s harder to get the kids arranged and you should just ‘join em’! we added my 2 nephews to our crew (my brother and sister have way more party potential that we do!) Our local ‘rec center’ was having a NYE party, and it looked pretty awesome… on the line up:



Carnival Games


Bounce Houses


A magician and a hypnotist

As well as a big countdown to midnight


I have to hand it to the organizers- b/c it’s a huge undertaking to pull off a great party, especially for the public, and kids of all ages!  I though it was a hit! We had a really fun time, and the kids were totally entertained and excited the whole time. it was the first time I been there swimming, and the facility is gorgeous- especially the pool. Fabulous! The slide in the kiddy area was holy-cow-fast and so that kept my crew happy!


I LOVE the NEW YEAR!   I am ready, and excited and willing to make some changes and make sure that 2012 will be one to remember. Something tells me, it will be! huge thanks to the folks at the Herriman Rec Center-  you did awesome! not sure how many more years that my kids will want to hang out with me on NYE! better make the most of it while they do, (or have no choice!)


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