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welcome monday!

welcome monday!

i can't believe that my day is 1/2 over… i have been busy busy, and off to a great start! i love getting laundry out of the way on monday morning. i went back on my DIET… and i feel re-committed on several things i have allowed to SLIDE! it feels good to get back on track…however, i feel like i need a nap! i wound up staying up SO late last night with some awesome creative MOJO! i love that, but i am paying for it today! morning was SO unwelcome today!

couple things to check out as you are browsing the web on this beautiful afternoon:

1. Rhonna posted a FANTASTIC demo and tutorial on our House of 3 blog. She printed the Hof3 Valentine backgrounds onto printable silk and then cut it into strips to create these GORGEOUS rolled flowers that are perfect to put on headbands, Valentines, use as clips etc. etc. SO cute… i need some fabric adhesive for sure!


2. Janet created MORE jewelry inspiration here on her blog… so cute! and great w/ the crackle accents by Ranger!


3. CHECK OUT my new blog sponsor PEACHY CHEAP... they offer one cool product a day for a steal of a deal. it's one of those sites you just need to check out every day!  (cool MM tool today!)

4. ONLY ONE MORE WEEK until we are drawing the LUCKY lottery winners for this year's Creative Escape!!  holy cow, can i just TEASE you a little…one of the teachers just emailed me a photo of her finished project and it's SO inspiring!  we have an AWESOME line up of teachers… they are all SO different and unique… have you taken a minute to see who we have teaching? some you may know, some you will definitely get to know:

PAM BLACK was with us the very first year… and has been helping and behind the scenes every other year. she is a wonderful artist and great teacher… i am always amazed by her creativity and execution! she teaches at Scrapbooks etc… her background is home decor, and she just oozes great taste!

TERESA COLLINS of course is planning something SO WOW! of course she is totally over the top and you will LOVE it.. she's been drawing from her new line of products and has something spectacular up her sleeve! she is so sugar sweet and super passionate, and you will leave feeling like you have a new friend! she has an amazing capacity to reach out to people, and draw them in.

CLAUDINE HELLMUTH is best known for her unique artwork and collage mixed media stuff… but she also has her own line of stuido paints and artist canvas by Ranger and does tons of teaching and educating! i have had the opportunity to learn from her at Ranger U and love her funky style! she is passionate about sharing techniques… you will feel like an ARTIST as you create in her class! ( i follow her on twitter)

MAGGIE HOLMES is super talented in so many ways… and will be delighting and inspiring us with both her passion and talent for photograhy as well as a fun little take away project. She is so FUN and energetic! you will love getting to know her! i can NEVER get enough photography classes… i am always wanting to improve and learn from other people's point of view… i can't wait to learn from her!  go and look at her blog today.. CUTE CUTE IDEAS

TRICIA LADOUCEUR is one that i didn't know personally, but Doug and Marti had taught on a Cruise w/ her, and thought that she was both an amazing designer and instructor… after we invited her to teach at CE, i had the privileged of spending a weekend with her in Colorado at the Tattered Angels Corp. office  when we had the company Christmas party and went to see NEW MOON!! she is a TON of fun, super sweet and an inspiring artist. you will LOVE her! she is a blast!

TERESA MCFAYDEN is one of those people that i just look at all her creations, her work and all the things her fingers touch, and i have been amazed and inspired for YEARS! she has more talent and creative goodness than should be allowed for one person! i have never worked with her, and so i am SO looking forward to meeting her… i was DELIGHTED when she accepted the invitation to teach..(would you believe that i was SO shy to ask… she is one of my creative IDOLS!)

JESSICA SPRAGUE… yes… THE ONE AND ONLY… Jessica Sprague. this woman amazes me. she inspires me and i am thrilled that we'll have her brilliance and happy energy among us! she is SO cool. every time we get on the phone, the minutes melt into hours and we just talk and talk and imagine. we would never be able to keep up with our ideas, but it would be SO fun to try! she is a BALL of energy and an absolutely phenomenal teacher. i can't wait to see what she's got cookin!

AND… little 'ole me. i am so lucky! (smile).  This is the 5th year for Creative Escape... and we are in FULL PLANNING stages! of course we must TOP last year! (is that possible)?? and we are incorporating some totally new elements into the experience! we have TONS of sponsors that are joining forces with us to make this year the best ever!  for the first time, we did pre-sell about 1/3 of the spots available on the last night of last year's event… signing up for the LOTTERY does not OBLIGATE you to the spot. if you happen to be selected, you can choose to register you and a guest- or just you… as people that are selected either register or decline… we will continue to pull names and notify people with registration codes!  Once you are registered officially, you can book your accommodations at the GORGEOUS Wild Horse Pass Sheraton. (its soooo delux) The Lottery will begin it's first round of selections on Feb 15th… (you can't win if you don't play)… Creative Escape is the most amazing scrapbook event and retreat. year after year, people are touched, filled, inspired, delighted and most of all– it seems that they makes friends for life. there is really something MAGICAL and BEAUTIFUL about it! and while the Bazzill team deserves the credit for all the crazy hard work… and we have spectacular, passionate teachers- and INSPIRING keynote speakers!  … REALLY… it's all the good,  fabulous women who attend that make the magic! i hope you will be there with us in 2010~

and  L A S T L Y……………. (if you have made it this far)

let me give you a little peek into what i
will be sharing with you dur
ing this weeks WEDNESDAY webshow:

there is nothing MORE 'valentine-y' than PINK and doily… SOOOOOOO… i picked up some basic and CHEAP doilies at the store, and got busy with all my red and pink shades of Glimmer mist!! i had SO much time creating THIS:


i will be sharing some FAB glimmery techniques that will allow you to make some of your own AMAZING background papers… (doesn't HAVE to be Valentines!) then i will show off how to put them all together in a simple, but HIGH impact album! (the front is Bazzill Plastic Paper with some FUZZY vinyl from SIlhouette)

this week will be STRAIGHT creating!! tons of tips and great ideas!

SO much fun!

I will also be creating a home decor memory project from the photos i took in Paris and basing it on a FABULOUS project that Janet did and will be teaching at House of 3!! so i will be telling you all about that!! and using some NEW silhouette designs! i hope you will join us! be sure to spread the WORD!! the webshow is such a blast! it's a great way to connect w/ women all over the world! so cooL!

hoping for a sneak peek on my Paris project tomorrow!

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