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welcome to your fresh start: 2018ex

welcome to your fresh start: 2018ex

During that week between Christmas and New Year’s, I was doing that typical ‘Heidi-move’ of making LONG lists of everything I wanted to change about myself. I covered all aspects of my life: eat healthy, drink more water, reduce my screen time, plan meals, get up early, loose weight, smile more, become more spiritually connected, and the list went ON!  I could totally envision myself looking well rested from going to bed early; being prepared with meal plans and executing healthy meals 5 nights a week! I imagined a clearly stated budget, and adhering to it on a monthly basis! And while I was really ‘dreaming big’, I visualized chore charts for all my kids, which resulted in a tidy home, and equally shared jobs in our family!  HA!  I was able to construct the greatest recipe for failure that ever was!


But wouldn’t that all be awesome!?

However, those are all super unrealistic expectations for me to try and live up to, especially all at once!  While ALL those habits I mentioned are actually changes that I would really benefit from, they are significant changes that need focus, attention and require personal development on my part to achieve.


ENTER ALL THE DISAPPOINTMENT in myself. Maybe even me comparing myself to others that “seem” to have it all figured out (on social media). And the inevitable giving up and giving in to the demands of everyday, and back to a typical level of survival mode!

As all this was going on in my mind, and I was considering how I can balance my desire to improve myself (drastically), but also be honest with myself about making changes…i started to build “2018ex” in my head.

The “EX” would stand for extra, exceptional… extraordinary.

Truth is that the days, and months will turn into a full year no matter what; the question is… what will we do to make it exemplary?

I believe that a few things will be required to create positive change:

  1. Realistic expectations
  2. Adjustments in perspective; seeing things differently
  3. Consistency of effort, and continued attention


My guess is that you might be able to relate to some of the same feelings I have shared here! I know that… because we are all human, and these struggles are pretty much a part of our purpose!  And sharing these “issues”, gives us a place to connect and understand one another! And maybe even give us an opportunity to support one another through the process of growth, and overcoming.

I decided to create a year-long plan; broken down into bite sized (monthly) pieces that will allow for continued, steady forward motion. It would support my above mentioned 3 requirements for inciting change: realistic, altered perspective and consistent.



This isn’t a CLASS. No need to “log in” or create an account. Just join in.

You can simply follow along, and allow the ideas to pass over you; or maybe they will settle in and become part of you.  I hope that at the very least… this journey through the next 11 months of 2018 will offer you 2 very powerful gifts: reassurance and encouragement.

YOU can make the most of this year. We can and will grow; and overcome.

One day at a time. Join me right here for 2018ex today!


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