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what a day! see you tonight!

what a day! see you tonight!

TODAY has been the CRAZIEST DAY!!! i am not really sure what happened, but i think that everything in my short term memory was lost as i slept. i must have slept so soundly! i think i officially forgot about EVERYTHING i was supposed to do! I even took Capri to school a full hour early- and just dropped her off, like she was right on time, and drove away! only to get a call moments later, from a distraught kindergartener, that i took her to school at the wrong time!? not sure what my deal is!!

Nonetheless… lots of exciting things going on todaY!

1. guess what just got dropped on my porch!!?? COPIES of my NEW BOOK from Northridge Publishing! i have been so excited to see it in real life! i the photos are HUGE and beautiful! i am so excited!

2. a NEW episode of ‘Create to Remember‘ aired today! (it is wednesday after all!) and i made a really cool project that would be FABULOUS for Mother’s day! be sure to check it out here!

3. AND!! TONIGHT … WEBSHOW!! it will be pre-recorded (i am recording it in about 2 hours!! i am ALMOST READY!  i need to clean up my massive mess!) and i will be online chatting and answering questions!  so JOIN ME!! SO MUCH FUN!

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