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What amazes YOU!?

What amazes YOU!?

I really find myself being amazed all the time!

Today I worked for hours with a graphic artist 1000 miles away and while I watched her screen, and gave direction and feedback- we were able to completely finish the packaging for my NEW products that will release in January 2012.  Looking at it all… the products, the different looks, the possibilities…in the fabulous package… it was amazing! i can't wait until i can show it off!

There are amazing things that happen everyday all around…little things like tomatoes ripening in your garden… and big things like video chatting from an airplane. I think it’s FUN to look for those things- document them…and take time to be amazed!

I am happy to announce another something ‘amazing’… I think that the capability and opportunity and even just the CONCEPT of teaching classes online still AMAZES me! I taught my very first online class in 2007 when Stacy Julian invited me to be the teacher of the year-long class I entitled “A year to Remember”.  Since that time… I have explored online teaching in many different ways… everything from you tube videos, many of you watched the LIVE Ustream webshows last year, I have given short tutorials on my blog, and more recently—prepared project-based webisodes for My Craft Channel!  I have loved  team teaching with the wonderful Jessica Sprague as she brings her talents and combines them with mine in very structured, daily, instructor-led class complete with video instruction! I LOVE sharing my ideas. I LOVE to teach them- and maybe it’s because I LOVE how the challenge pushes me, and forces me to focus and expand! So… I am SUPER excited about the opportunity that Stacy has offered me to be one of the ‘4 experts’. I will be teaching a 12 week class that is primarily a Scrapbooking class. The class will run from April thru June…our focus in the class will be on paying attention to small details- and ‘Observe’ –and from those ‘obervations’…LEARN. And from that wisdom, and truth and understanding…we will make beautiful, inspiring and amazing scrapbook pages- and ultimately learn to watch, listen, feel and look at life in a different (productive) way.  I know that April seems like FOREVER away- but it will be here before we know it.



So… Stacy kicks things off in Q1 with “twelve”…I can’t wait to see what she has in store. I love to listen to Stacy. She is a visionary, and I love her approach and perspective. Every time I talk to her, or listen to her- or spend time with her… she makes me want to be a better person. I could use 12 weeks of that!

I am the Q2 girl…and it will be perfect for Spring. This class will not be designed to take over your life- but to allow you to factor it into your life- it will challenge but not overwhelm. It will change the way you look at your everyday! my class is called "the art of observation"

Nic Howard is a Kiwi, and her perspective is so unquie simply because she is from the other side of the world. It’s worth just to listen to her talk! (I love her accent!) she does beautiful, jaw dropping work—I am looking forward to her approach. She is adorable!

The One and Only Becky Higgins is wrapping it up with Q4.  Becky is amazingly talented. I have to credit Becky for inspiring me to take my scrapbooking to another level. I can still remember the first time I scrapbooked at her house—and listened to her talk, and was strengthened by her passion.  I am really in awe of this woman on many levels- and excited to take her class.


There is a lot to look forward to for 2012.  It’s going to be BIG! go here and watch the little video intros. 


Head over to the BPC blog and enter to win in the ‘4 favorites’ giveaway.  (of course my favorite thing involves cookies…)



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