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what day is it?

what day is it?

So what is it? Friday? Yea, Friday night… and I am typing on my computer, that is on my desk that has internet connected, printers hooked up and boxes and Rubbermaid containers stacked all around me! we are moved in. I guess that I didn’t make it clear that we were moving to a different house here in Beijing- and not back to the states yet. We were only in a year long lease, and had decided to move into a more family-friendly compound. This house offered a few perks that we didn’t have in the other house: central air, dishwasher, a full size washer and dryer, and bath tubs! (these are major improvements)

We are starting to feel functional and settling in nicely… just in time for school to start on Monday. We had orientation at the new school today… so exciting. The kids are attending a bilingual school, so it’s ½ of a day in an English speaking environment, and ½ the day in a Chinese environment. The school has moved to a new campus, and today was meet the teacher and other students. I am guessing the Chinese/English speakers are a 50/50 split, so all the kids are learning in a foreign language at least half day. admittedly, I was feeling totally nervous taking them there today- ready for a bit of a back lash or something…but they were SO excited. Everyone was. We got the grand tour, some instructions and requirements, and picked out their uniforms. So it’s back to school for us! (whew)

Seriously, moving is stressful! and I was so afraid to take down my computer and give up my internet at the old place, until I was totally sure that I could get back on over here… but we are all set up! I think that Monday morning I was going to blow a gasket from just anxiety of the mess on both sides….but it’s totally worth it. the purging alone is good. we just have so much stuff that we never use, and don’t need. Eric hates that. lol.
Just under a week until CE!! I leave here on Tuesday and get there on TUesday and guess what… I get to get my hair cut. holy cow.. I am so excited. My hair is bugging me so bad. I really need to figure out a low maintenance hair do!
Ok, I am going to get through one more box, and then going to B E D!!

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