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what if…

what if…

what if every gift we could give would benefit a worthy cause!! what a magical christmas it would be!

it's overwhelming for me to read and catch up on all the blogs and facebooks and twitters etc etc etc that i would like! in a time when it's easier than EVER to stay in touch with the people that we care about…it's actually, ironically difficult to keep up!?! don't you think??

anyway… in our many travels in and out and all around, there are certain people that i have run across in my life that have something so special that it just stands out… my friend Shawni Pothier is one of those people. she is one of those people that while we are not super close friends, she can make me (and everyone she comes into contact with) feel special. She has this amazingly huge smile that would light up any room, and her heart is right there to back it up! she is serioulsy something special. i have always been tremendously impressed with her, and probably even jealous if she weren't so totally down to earth and gorgeously warm…

why am i telling you all this??


well- last year i learned that she and her mom had written a book together called "A mother's book of secrets". Her mom is a very well known author and educator about parenting (Linda Eyre). i saw it while i was home briefly from CHina, and didn't manage to find it to buy- i finally caught up with the book, and enjoyed it as i laughed and cried…but before i finished it, i passed it on to a friend, and never found another one! 


anyway, i noticed a note from Shawni on my FB page, and it occured to me that i wanted to catch up on her family- so i went to her BLOG...and found that she has started a new blog, and is donating the royalities from this book to help fund research to aid her daughter (her 5th child) with a rare genetic disorder that will cause her to go blind early in her teens.  The book is darling… so is Lucy!  They have all the info HERE on where to purchase the book as well as more information about her little sweet baby! 

Love lucy


i am going to buy a new copy tonight for me. i thought maybe you would like one toO!?

xoxo…good night.

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