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What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do For a Scrapbook Layout

What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do For a Scrapbook Layout

when the blank page just stares back at you



Does that happen to you? Do you have blank pages staring at you? Do you know the story you want to tell? Do you have photos in hand? Do you find you are not looking for inspiration to make, you already know you want to make. But you ARE looking for how to get started.



Yes. I have had this happen to me. A lot. And I am here to tell you…it’s OK.

So one day I was going to add to my Storyline Chapters Mini Insert. I knew what photo I wanted to use. I had no idea how I was going to get started to craft my page. I had a few parameters in mind. The two page spread was only going to have one photo. This was to be as I just wanted to tell a story of the one photo.

I knew what collection I was going to use: Heidi Swapp’s Care Free Collection. It was perfect for the colors and vibe and all around feeling that the paper line gave a page.



But…I had no design concept in mind. Zero. Nada. Zip.

Hmmm…what to do.

A couple of things I always do in this predicament: I swipe through Instagram. I peruse Pinterest. I look at old layout pages. Nothing. It was just not coming to me.

Next thing I did, having run out of ideas, I watched an online class I had purchased but was slowly making my way through. And not to find a sketch or scheme and copy it. Nope. Actually I had put the page out of my mind for now and simply was moving on to something else.

But then I saw it. The educator was going through some journal cards and passed one card in particular that was a cluster of butterflies.



This is not a great shot, I was trying to grab it from a video, but you get the idea. As soon as I saw that I knew! That was my design concept. I was so excited. I started thinking of the different tools I had to bring pattern and texture from Care Free together to make my own cluster of butterflies.

You are now looking at what came out of inspiration I was not expecting. Here’s the thing: that journal card is not a page sketch. It does not include a photo. Heck, it’s not even that large a scale an image. Nothing there says: hey, make me into a scrapbook page. It was just a simple idea that found it’s way into my mind to create a design that would support a photo and a story.



And that is how this page came to be. Inspiration is actually all around us. Sometimes we may need to look for it. Sometimes it shows up and our relaxed part of our subconscious picks up on and and yells out in it’s silent way: HEY!!! I’m here. This is it! This is me. You want to use this idea and see how far you can take it.



I did not take the design concept very far. Actually, I needed to keep it simple for the sake of the photo. I wanted, as most always, the photo to shine. I think I did just that all the while creating a fun page of butterfly motif with the dies I had on hand, and most wonderfully with the Care Free Collection.

author: Jamie Pate

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