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where have i been? (longish post)

where have i been? (longish post)

What in the world?? It’s been a WEEK since I got home from AZ, and no blogging? Crazy.. I must have been busy- I am trying to figure out what in the world I have been doing? I can’t even think… I know that I have been busy! Let’s see… I was working on a top secret project, and that took up a day or 2… had some really productive meetings—that I also can’t talk about… THE Jessica Sprague came to visit and we planned some exciting upcoming stuff!!  We definitely stayed up too late! (late enough to make the Royal Wedding!) … I had a birthday on Saturday (April 30) … I turned 39.  My mom & dad can hardly believe I am so grown up!  Thank you for all the birthday wishes! it was so fun to hear from so many of my friends! Facebook is fun that way!  I got ultimate pampering for my Bday… massage and Thai food- awesome combination! I chose to order myself up a ‘Nothing Bundt cake’… holy cow GOOD! In ‘choc choc chip’… 


I even glued some Soiree and printed embellishments to some bamboo skewers and  they made the cake look sooo cute! you have to indulge to off-set that whole getting older thing!

This is a big week too for a couple members of my family- Monday (yesterday) my dad underwent a full shoulder replacement…and on this coming Sat, my brother will compete in his 4th Ironman… I felt that we needed a good ‘team’ t-shirt as we rallied to support one another in these, and other upcoming and daily challenges we all face…so, of course I turned to my trusty Yudu!! You know I love it! I just love to transform plain ole tshirts into custom creations for any event, purpose, or group. It’s just so awesome!  I took some inspiration from Kanye West and the song “Stronger” in pulling the message, “work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger…that that don’t kill me, only makes me stronger”… 

TshirtsI also wrapped up the “Mouse Paper Scissors, MOM” class on JessicaSprague.com… and for once, I am all ready to go for Mother’s day! Exciting…it’s less than a week away! you can still jump on and take the class 'self- paced'… the PDF instructions and videos are all there, and ready to go!

May brings all kinds of CRAZINESS… I have been reminded AT LEAST 100 times that Quincy’s bday is only 10 days away!  2 of my kids go ‘off-track’ this week, so 2 weeks of school holiday for those 2… and in just a couple short weeks, I am headed back to sunny AZ again ,this time we gather for Creative Escape Preview Day!  I am so excited to take ALL the classes for this year’s event, and we smooth out all the wrinkles and make sure that each and every class is planned and kitted to precision! It’s defiantly something that makes CE different than any other event…  I am really looking forward to a few days of scrappy-good times!


Since I was already planning to be in town, I have been invited by Scrapbooks, ETC to teach 2 classes during the day on May 19th. (coming right up!) I am teaching from the 2 FABULOUS House of 3 lines: Daily Junque and Soiree! Both classes are really unique and a little unpredictable mini-books that would make awesome gifts or wonderful memory keepers- you will walk away from both classes with a full on book, ready to ‘just add photos’!

the morning class is the Daily Junque book…class starts at 10:30am




This 'soiree' book is a 'swing' style book like you have never seen! it's so super cool! i love it… we'll make the yummy tissue flower for the cover, and create 6 pages on the inside…



 The Soiree book can be a great ‘spring’ memories- awesome for filling up with gorgeous Easter photos… or would be such a cute ‘end-of-the-school-year’… kind of re-cap for a girl of any age… at the end of each school year, I love to photograph my kids with their friends, and try to capture where they are right then- it’s so telling to compare those ‘first-day-of-school’ photos. I am always amazed by the tremendous growth from the beginning of the year!  END of school is SUCH a celebration NO MATTER the age!   NO MATTER WHAT you have going on, you will LOVE LOVE these projects… come and stay the whole day!! (oohh… now that is an indulgence!) we’ll be doing a little gluing, glamming and even glimmer misting (just a little)!  This time the time slots are during the day- 10:30 and 2:30, so check in with Scrapbooks ETC for more info!! (480-854-2303)…

i am also taking orders for these class kits. I will be creating video classes, if you are interested you can email me at [email protected]   and i will get you the info.


I bought not ONE but 2 new dresses for ‘Easter’, hey.. if you find something that fits,- and is cute,  you have to go with it!- I found them at TJ MAXX! I guess I am a ‘maxxinista’.  both outfits needed bright, fun flowers of course- so I tried experimenting with some different types of fabrics- I wanted a much more full, light flower… this fabric is awesome, and these flowers are GORGEOUS! (i love this soft pink!)


We thought it would be a good idea to kick things off with a 25% off sale… the code is SPRINGFLING.  You have to ‘sign in’ to Etsy in order to get the special price, so if you don’t have an acct, just sign up quickly- the coupon codes in Etsy are all upper case.  They are available in all the sizes: L, M, S and mini…so go and check them out! So cute.  They come with faux pearl and silver glitter centers, but if you want a fancy jeweled center, you can select the one you want from the menu- and add a note in the comments… go to www.blossomcouture.etsy.com


And… don’t forget, this is the LAST WEEK that you can snag your goods from www.houseof3.com  !


you will have until May 31 to download your goods- so snag an external hard drive- you will use this stuff for YEARS to come! Check out this adorable card I got from Janna Landis- she used "Life Share “ to make it with House of 3 stuff.. it’s AMAZING! She is always so thoughtful, and uses this site a lot. The quality is shockingly gorgeous!   ALL the birthday elements are super fun to have on hand! (search happy birthday in the house of 3 site for these images)  i am not totally sure how it works- but it generates the card, and sends it and everything!  i just snapped these w/ my phone, so not great quality on the pic, but you get the idea


phew… happy wednesday!


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