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holy smokes, i almost don't even know where i am!

had an amazing time in Fiji!! my folks are doing great and i LOVED getting to spend time with them!! don't they look great!? they are doing so great! driving on the left side of the road- knowing all the ins and outs… it was AWESOME to be in their element…


i can't even really tell you what an awesome and delightful rest i had–it was a wonderful birthday present! this is where i ate breakfast yesterday morning… before i was off on another plane, this time  back to Sydney.


i arrived here in Melbourne LATE last night, and we had our first Mistified event today, which went amazingly well!! huge thanks to all who were in attendance! and all those that contributed to it's success- from the folks at Tattered Angels, the Aussie Scrap Source friends as well as the kind staff at Waddle Park.


i am BEYOND exhausted- so i will share more photos from my journeys after i catch up! To those of you coming to Sydney and Brissy Mistified: see you soon!

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