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while i was away…

while i was away…

man, i have had a little disapearing act the last few days. i actually really took time to enjoy the weekend- after my past 2 weeks with CE and all that good stuff, and eric being away in china – i just needed to dial down. i thought that with the new week, i'd swing back into action. and swinging into action i did… i swang (is that a word) all the way here to Kansas City where i am working on a project and as an extra bonus, i get to see my cute sister who lives her too! i miss her living close, and am really relishing a chance i get to see here (she is making me choc chip cookies as i type& she makes them better than i can- not sure why…but true!), but like most things- there is another side of the coin… today i missed Capri's FIRST day of kindergarten.  so today eric stayed home from work to take Capri to school! and i have to say- that maybe i should leave him home more often! check him out:

so… in additon to getting Capri off to school … and he got her hair all combed and into a pony tail- which if you know Capri at all, you know that is a MAJOR challenge-she has that curly hair that morphs into a tangly rats nest! she has to wear certain tops and bottoms, but as you can see from the photo, she can wear any shoes! (this is the iphone photo that i got early this afternoon; which made me cry!)

Capri1 after he and Connor got Capri off to school… they embarked on a big project that we have needed a solution for in our garage:

with a family of 7, and each person has a bike, and in some cases 2 … along with the scooters, skateboards and other 'wheels'…and even though we have a 3 car garage, and only 2 cars- the bike situation is out of hand.  we have been trying to figure out how to deal with all the bikes- even the ceiling of the garage is running out of space… so eric and connor whipped up this bike rack! i am thrilled about it!

hey eric… thanks for holding down the fort!

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