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TOMORROW i am leaving for CREATIVE ESCAPE!  i can hardly even belive that it's here already! it's almost here! i have had the MOST busy and crazy last few days, and have had so many things going on… don't you hate it how everything seems to come down at the same time!… i knew that it was going to be nuts, so Em came to help make it all happen- i mean, what would i do without her!! we got right to work- as you can see below! and while to some, it may look like we were hanging out at the beach– but for us, it was really a super productive planning meeting as we listed everything that needed to get done over the next 4 days, made a priority list, and strategized on how we were going to takle it all!!

Beach first order of business… was a little 'inspiration' shopping which inevitablly landed us at Dear Lizzy, as we shared a mint brownie! fabulously inspiring!


with CE right around the corner, i was working on my display for my Yudu workshop on Thursday! and now my house has a light coating of glitter!  i love it!

my sweet little niece turned 1, and you know- you have to just really enjoy those perfect little one-year-old birthday parties! they are the best! my sister-in-law let me help with the decor, and it was just the cutest thing…
Instagram about 18 months ago, when LaRane learned that she was having a little girl, Katie and i were so excited that we went right out and bought her the most beautiful, girlie dress we could find… and guess what… she was FINALLY able to wear it! HOW PERFECT is that… she wore it for her 1-yr party!… just had to share this lovely instagram from the party!  here are a couple more shots:3

my brother even got a new pink striped shirt… (anything for his little girl!, he said he wouldn't want to 'clash')

even though it was a 'no-presents' party…but who can resist buying little shoes, little baby dolls, and anything pinK! so cute.

larane had all the favorites… RKT, mini-brownies, cupcakes, choc chip cookies, choc cookies… and the big hit pumpkin pie! Eric was thrilled cause it's his favorite.  and she got these really super yummy 'nibs' licorice ropes- they were so good! (from target)  and tootsie pops in pink! fab…

then- today was my first filming date at 'My Craft Channel'… i prepared 6 segments, and spent the day there today getting them filmed. it was a blast… i can't wait to see how it all turns out! 

it's been a whirlwind for sure~! thanks to my mom for helping me out w/ the kiddos, and glad that the boys can keep themselves entertained!  we have all the 'back-to-school' clothes, paper, scissors, crayons, colored pencils, notebooks, hand sanitzers ETC… we have met teachers, we have the schedules…even Connor is all set for his new pre-school only a couple blocks away (YAY!)   School starts for Capri, Colton and Cory on the 29th, so this is their last week to LIVE IT UP! 

now all that is left to do here is PACK it up. this year, i have all my little presentations ALMOST ready to go, and my goal is to be loaded in the car BRIGHT and earlY!  soooooooooo… wish us luck! i can't forget ANYTHING… need to get some laundry done, and hopefully leave a clean house!

next time you hear from me, it will be from CREATIVE ESCAPE!!

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