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Why You Should Tell Your Story

Why You Should Tell Your Story

Photos are our passage back to sunshine beaches, cobblestone streets, first-ever soccer games, special events and the people we love most. Collect them… not just on your camera roll! Print them out and tuck them into books as a catalog of your most precious moments, tender stories, and the best days of your life. It’s worth the time and effort! This week while we celebrate today’s National Tell Your Story Day and National Scrapbooking Weekend – my team and I are sharing why it is important to “tell your story”!



If we don’t write it down, snap pics and TELL THE STORY, they could be forgotten! The little, funniest, tender and miraculous details -lost? Write it down! Tell the story so it can be revisited, re-imagined, relived! These stories matter! I created this collage stamping technique under and around the edges of my photo. This technique is always on point! I used this new stamp set that’s brand new and exclusive to JOANN to create this simple Storyline 8 1/2 x 11 page.

Here are some pages from my media team to inspire you to TELL YOUR STORY!



“I love how we can share messages with our story telling. Stay positive has been a huge motivational mantra for me. You don’t have to be over the top up beat or excepting of all the things to stay positive. I think we stay positive and contribute to hope by getting these words + photos on a page and sharing them. It’s just one way to exercise our creativity and actively pursue life even when so much has changed.” – Jamie Pate




“My husband and boys are my main scrapbooking inspiration. I love recording the good, the bad and the everyday moments of their lives. That’s what matters! I have a passion for journaling and telling my family’s story on a page. You will never see one of my pages without it.”  – Kim Jeffress




“There is a common phrase I recite to myself daily.  Maybe you have heard it?  “The days are long, but the years are short”.  I do not think there have been truer words spoken.  I constantly find myself in this tug of war to want to stop and speed up time all at once, for various reasons.  However at the end of the day I am just so beyond grateful for all of it.  And for all that I have been able to capture along the way.  I am always trying to photograph and record everything that I possibly can because I am just trying to savour every precious second with these little beings that are just growing up way too fast.  So many funny, cute, frustrating, silly, crazy…(I mean the list goes on and on of what happens in a day when your a stay at home mom) that I just want to bottle up everything I can.  I think that is why my love for scrapbooking and journaling runs so deep.  I am just so appreciative and in awe of these moments that make up my everyday ordinary crazy little life.” – Lindsay Bateman

Join my team and I all week as we celebrate TELL OUR STORIES! I will be sharing more about National Scrapbook Weekend on Thursday’s Watch Party on Facebook right here!

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