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it's late sat. night, and i have had a FULL and very FUN day today teaching at Scrap Happy Sisters! and as the name implies, it's a very 'happy' place. the store is very well stocked- TONS of stuff to spark the creativity! all the ladies in my classes were SO happy! we had so much fun. i loved hearing their stories, and sharing 'favorite summer memories'… i felt like i made so many new friends… that is the part i love about teaching! it was the first time i was teaching the heart box project and the halloween book w/ the alcohol inks and embossing… the projects all turned out great, and i loved being able to share ideas, and techniques that people were trying for the first time!   i want to thank Kit and Kris for inviting me to be a part of their birthday party! being there made ME happY! so awesome.

SO, as promised…i am giving away this cute heart box with the fab CE charm necklace!!


ashley…please email me your info here so i can send you this fun gift!

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