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winner of 'something from nothing' class!!

winner of 'something from nothing' class!!


lisa said:

I have so much of everything, but my biggest weakness is tools. Im a tool junkie.At least its something my DH and I have in common, lol.

Posted by: Lisa Motta | February 26, 2010 at 06:31 AM


i loved reading all the comments about what you had TONS of and what you wished you had more of!! i think that we can safely say that we all share the LOVE of paper!! and certainly we can all agree that we need MORE TIME to create… oh, and GLIMMER MIST!  i must agree w/ Shimelle that we must USE what we have! i think that most of us can relate with that 'hoarding' or 'collecting' problem! i also have a little stash of things that i just can't bring myself to use! her class is only $15… check it out!

the question usually is- what 'jump starts' your creativity!? what gets you motivated to create? … i think that i have been asked that question many times in different interviews- and some of my answers have been:

*fresh photos *new supplies *new magazines* window shopping*

but i have some new answers that have TOTALLY influenced the way i create, as well as MOTIVATING me, and offering me NEW possibilities…  it is these 3 things that i will be featuring in the next 3 weeks of LIVE webshows:



WED. MARCH 3:  we will be talking AND demoing something that will feel a little SCARY to some, if not most of you… Janet and Rhonna will be here and the 3 of us will be giving you a little 'digi' glimpse!!  i know, i know, but before you FREAK OUT… just plan on watching. when you can see what you can do with a 'brush'. … you will die!  or you will think that you have died and gone to heaven!

  i will never be a purely 'digital' scrapbooker… but the EXTENSION that the digital skills have given me to my paper crafting has been ….well… 'magical'… Rhonna will be showing off a couple EASY anyone-can-do techniques… and Janet and i will be sharing some projects that we couldn't have done without the magic of a brush! – oh, and wait until you see the MAGICAL set of brushes that are ALL NEW! it will amaze, and inspire!! watch for a couple more details to prepare for Wed night!


WEDNESDAY March 1oth:  back by overwhelmingly popular demand, we'll be having another House of 3 meets Silhouttte show.. and this time we'll be giving you the 411 on the JEWEL kit! how you can add amazingly detailed jewel art to your projects (paper and beyond)… we have a few other little tips and tricks we'll be sharing that will CONVINCE you that you need a silhouette!  having the silhouette has transformed the way i think about creating… i just have sooo many more possibilities! i LOVE it!! we'll show off NEW House of 3 art, and ideas that will get you off and running!


WEDNESDAY March 17th:  ok, so Glimmer Mist has also transformed the way i think as i create. it's so different to control the COLOR part of the creative process! it's been SO MUCH FUN! so, i have been working with Tattered Angels to put together an AWESOME package deal that will include a killer deal on a complete 'glimmer kit' and then i will be teaching a FREE LIVE CLASS and from one kit, i'll be teaching 2 projects in a SPECIAL hour and half show!! (the question is can i squeeze it all into 1  & 1/2 hrs) – i will be getting you all the info so that if you want to be DOING the class as we go, you can get the kit ordered and have it IN HAND!!  more INFO to come!!

exciting stuff! plan on WEDNESDAYS!! 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern time… and 7pm here in the Mountains!

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