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happy monday!  new day… new week!!  i love it. i have been getting off to a slow start this morning doing laundry and cleaning bathrooms and reading to the littles. i am reading them that book 'The Invention of Hugo Cabret". It's a BIG thick chapter book, but there are a lot of pictures! they are loving feeling like the big kids reading a chapter book!

i spent yesterday resting and recouperating from Scrapfest!  and now i am ready to roll!!

but FIRST, i wanted to announce the WINNER of the "worth it" necklace from Liz Eaton: 


It's worth it to give all of your love to your children. To love them and give them kisses whenever you can sneak one. The warmth that gives me in my heart is more than "worth it".

Posted by: Cheryl Ting | September 16, 2011 at 08:34 AM

 Thanks to all those that entered, and left comments of what is 'worth it' to them today! it was so uplifting to read all the comments, and it just made my day! i keep thinking about it, and giving myself those little reminders, that it's worth it!  SO, huge Congrats to Cheryl Ting!! email me: [email protected]

and i'll get that necklace to you right away! THANK YOU to Liz for such a fabulous giveaway! and you can go and order your own 'worth it' necklace from Liz's Etsy site… and she will totally make personalized and custom pieces!  they make amazing gifts if you are starting to think about the upcoming holidays! it's never too soon! 

have a fabulous MONDAY!


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