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winners and MONDAY inspiration!

winners and MONDAY inspiration!

good  morning MONDAY! you know how much i love it.

LET's Kick things off today by announcing the winners of the fabulous Little Black Dress giveaway!


the winner of  giveaway #3: includes 1 complete kit (May) as well as a 10% off coupon for a 6 month membership

I think our last fling will be a day at LegoLand in their
new water park…. now that summer has really finally hit Southern California
and we need to cool off.


Posted by: Michelle Ellis Leingang

the winner of: giveaway #2 includes 2 complete kits (May and June) as well as a 10% off coupon for a 6 month membership

Tomorrow we will be enjoying a huge family fandango for my
cousin's baptism. Actually, it will be a double baptism. SO lots of people,
lots of food and lots of love music. Just what this person needs to end this
amazing Summer season. <3 😀


Posted by: cindy

the winner of: giveaway #1 includes 3 complete kits (April, May and June) as well as a 25% off coupon for a 6 month membership

I am in Las Vegas with my hubby right now, just been hanging
out by the pool at The Venetian. Saw Phantom last night. It was quite the
production! Headed home tomorrow, school starts next Wed.


Posted by: Susan Dodge | August 20, 2010 at 10:28 AM


a HUGE CONGRATS to all the winners, and of course… a HUGE THANK YOU to "Little Black Dress" who i love… for donating these fabulous prizes! i encourage you winners to take them up on their generous deals for 6 month memberships! you will NOT be sorry!



i went to bed early last night after making a TO DO list about a million miles long- i am packing my car and leaving today – driving to ARIZONA for this week's CREATIVE ESCAPE!! i can hardly wait… i am feeling all the same emotions of previous years: a little nervous, feeling last minute pressure, and SO EXCITED> i am so looking forward to seeing all the TEACHERS who i LOVE!! and hanging out with my HOUSE Of 3 girls. we are so excited and have some AMAZING stuff planned!

we are doing another charity fund raiser this year… and again, i am delighted and inspired by the creative generosity from all those who participated this year… we'll be sharing the beautiful works of art that will be auctioned and raffled off at the event… they are just stunningly beautiful and inspiring… it's impossible to truly convey the gratitude that i feel to those took the time, and energy to dedicate to these projects, but please know – to each of you- that i am touched and appreciative! thank you for doing that! i am in love with how mine turned out- and kinda surprised… it kinda took on a life of it's own, and went a different direction that i had planned… here is a peek at one of the elementsPeek

for those of you that will be there in attendance… THURS and FRIDAY night, Janet, Rhonna and myself will be hosting the Crop Room!  This is a place for you to come and hang out and visit and chat and be inspired! Thurs night around 10pm we have a very special presentation for you! you will need to download THIS CREATIVE ESCAPE BUNDLE and download it to your laptop, and bring your computer – for some amazing TIPS on using digital brushes with Rhonna Farrer...make sure that you got the 30-day trial of photo shop elements if you haven't already- (For Jessica Sprague's class) … then FRIDAY NIGHT we'll be broadcasting a LIVE WEBSHOW From the event… if you are NOT joining us at the event.. this is a chance for you to join us, chat and take a peek inside Creative ESCAPE!!  

——-there will be NO webshow on wednesday… it's been moved to FRIDAY NIGHT!!—- we'll be posting more details and time etc… so check back! 

ok. last today… go over to the House blog for some awesome Monday inspiration that will make you want to dance and sing! you will love it… be sure to scroll down for more info on 'fall junque' window clings and 'fall junque' file folder books and MORE cool stuff! 

have a great day!! and wish me luck pulling myself together to get out of here!!!

WINNERS ………………….email me HERE

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